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Ethertanks Has Been Renamed to ‘EtherArmy’, adds Ships to the Fleet, Postpones Battle

Warning: Ethertanks has not updated their website until now. While we reserve from passing any judgements, we strongly advice our readers to please stay away from investing in Ethertanks/Etherarmy before the market/game is launched.

Ethertanks (Now EtherArmy) has been doing rounds in the cryptocurrency world again. After a successful launch of the tanks and a positive review, the tank sales plummeted. Blame the high price of the tank for the drop in sales. Everyone eagerly awaited an update from the game developers to help bring back sales to top, and update they did.

I woke up to this message on their Telegram Channel:

Dear users,

We definitely need more time to finish everything we wanted to implement.

Ships arrived:

Tanks are unique, therefore they will not lose the value.

The market is coming at the time we mentioned before: 7th of January.

The hangar for ships: is launched, and there will be more vehicles in future.

The new ships will be arriving dynamically for the next few days.

The battle area will be released later, because we have more plans than we had before.

The biggest point now for us is to create a new design (UX/UI) of the web-site.

We will provide more clear details regarding our plans in about 24 hours.

Thank you for your attention,
Your EtherTanks (EtherArmy) team.

So Ethertanks has been renamed to EtherArmy, which I find awesome and before the battle begins, we have another set of battle-ready vehicles to buy. They are the ships.

EtherArmy’s Ships:

In principle the Ships can be bought and earned from the same way as Tanks. However, unlike the fixed number of tank purchases required for a new tank to be released, Ships are going to be released Dynamically. Keep an eye out to get the ships cheaper.

How to buy ships on ethertanks or etherarmy and battle
EtherArmy’s Ship Portal shows the net price and the profit from each ship.

The market is still on track to go-live on 7th Jan, however the Battle Launch is postponed.

Which ships are you buying? Let us know in the comments below.

We will have a new update when Market Goes live on 7th Jan.

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