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Bitbns Android App Review – Focusing on Ease of Use but it isn’t Perfect

Alright, something we all have been waiting for. Although there were people who helped Beta test BitBns’s Android app, I had decided to get my hands on the official version only, whenever it launches. The time is now. BitBns App is in my Oneplus 5, let’s have a look. By the way, I am their second downloader. Oh I know the statistics take time to update, but let me be happy.

Bitbns android app is the first app with multiple cryptocurrency trading offering trade for Bitcoin and Ripple
Bitbns Android App on Play Store

The Look:

I love the purple colour, it has been a favourite colour of mine since before I learnt that Violet and Purple are different colours. I usually expect the Apps to look more or less like the mobile version of the website but that isn’t true for BitBns – which gives a better experience.

In the beginning – Bitbns App gives you a tutorial on when to trade cryptocurrency instead of how to trade cryptocurrency. Buy the lows and sell the highs, they say.

When to Buy and sell Cryptocurrencies, not how to because they know you know how to do it.

Bitbns offers deposits using UPI and that is really quick. The deposits start reflecting in your account within 5 minutes. Not sure why they aren’t advertising that.

how to deposit or withdraw INR on Bitbns exchange
The second introductory screen of Bitbns Android app

After Login/Registering the app opens up a Dashboard

The dashboard shows the current Orderbook which is refreshing to see after the cluster-mess of Zebpay’s multi-currency trading app dashboard that asks you to place orders first without showing the Orderbook.

Choose between BTC and XRP from the top bar and see the open orders at the bottom

Bitbns’s flat trade fee model (0.25%) allows you to either buy or sell crypto from the orderbook or place orders with your own chosen price. Unlike Zebpay, Coinome or Coindelta which offers a Maker-taker model rewarding makers with low or no fees. We need a good balance in the Indian crypto exchange world.


Hitting that trade button will take you to a new screen to place a buy or sell order. This is a little off-putting for me as a Binance User. The Binance app offers a nice little screen with Open orders on the side to let you decide the price of your order.

Place a Buy/Sell order or Check out your open orders.
trade multiple coins with Bitcoin and ethereum on Binance
Binance offers an open order book on the side for trading

The Wallet:

Although not as important as Trading, wallet is a viable part of the cryptocurrency exchanges. It allows you to withdraw or deposit your precious crypto or fiat. Bitbns prides on quick deposits and quick withdrawals. In the past though I have personally had issues with the withdrawal, I have come to know that otherwise they are pretty smooth.

The App wallet looks simple. Divided into 3 sections like the website.

Crypto wallet.

INR wallet


My problem with History is that it shows order history as well as Deposit/Withdrawal history. They are both different. I want my order history in trade section and my deposit/withdrawal history in Wallet Section.

Bitbns wallet shows crypto, INR wallet and history

The Bugs:

Ofcourse not the security bugs but the cosmetic bugs as I call them. These things are nice to have in the app, and hopefully they will be added soon.

1. Open Order dates on the App are incorrect:

Won’t say anything, just look at the open order screenshot from my app and the Bitbns mobile site:

The open order time on Mobile app shows the current date and time.

2. The withdrawal shows no transaction details:

There is absolutely no way of knowing on the app or website as to what is the transaction ID/number or your transaction, be it crypto or INR. None of these history lines are clickable on the apps or show any extra details on Desktop. You have to run behind the founders on telegram to find it out if the withdrawal doesn’t reach your recipient wallet or bank account.

Order History merged with Deposit/withdrawal history with no transaction details

The Verdict:

I would say it’s a pretty standard trading app without much fuss. Login and get started. No complications. There is not much to compare with as not many Indians Multi-coin exchanges have apps and I honestly hate the Zebpay app so BitBns wins the round.

Let’s wait for the other incumbents to come up with their own app.

Download the official app here and be aware of the fake ones, there are a couple of them. 

What do you think about the app? Let us know in the comments below.

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