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Koinex Enables Withdrawals After over 20 Days has been at the end of a lot of criticism and support as the leading cryptocurrency exchange shut down withdrawals on January 11th after enabling them on 8th Jan, 2018. Truth be told Koinex users have been enjoying a good premium on rates compared to other exchanges, thanks to having no way to get your precious fiat INR out of it.

But, fear not my fellow traders as Koinex is once again ready to unleash the power of processing 100s of thousands of withdrawals in a single day. In an official update Koinex announced that the withdrawals be enabled on 31 Jan 2018 at 01:00 AM.

Will the withdrawals be instant, like we had hoped for earlier? No, atleast not from Day 1. It says the withdrawals will take 2-4 Bank working days. But if our predictions are true and Koinex has partnered with a new payment exchange, we maybe in for a surprise soon enough.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Do share your thoughts on the post below.

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