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Zebpay’s Ripple Trade is Riddled With Issues

Update: We are updating the article as and when the issues are resolved

Earlier today Zebpay users were delighted by the news of trading Ripple (XRP) on the platform. But the delight soon turned into disappointment for some, including myself.

People began reporting issues and problems they faced with Ripple trading on Zebpay’s app. To their credit, Zebpay Support has been replying with resolutions faster but some of them just don’t work.

1. Unable to See Ripple Trading Screen:

The first issue people faced is not being able to see a Ripple (XRP) trading platform or wallet.


Zebpay provided the solution on the official blog, and it is working

  1. Open the menu from the left slider by tapping the 3 bars on top left side of the app.
  2. Go to the verification screen.
  3. Refresh this screen by tapping the refresh icon on top right side of the app.
  4. Go to zebpay (home screen) from the left slider menu.
  5. You should now be able to see Ripple option

2. Unable to get a receiving address for Ripple (XRP):

This is the issue I personally faced and reported to Zebpay. In order to deposit XRP coins on my Zebpay wallet, I have to click on “Receive” button while I am in the Ripple wallet. I did that and received an error

Please try again (Code 3).

We have received several complaints from multiple users regarding the same issue.


Zebpay replied to my tweet with a solution which did not work:

3. Does not allow Decimal value in INR Price

Zebpay only allows whole numbers for price of Ripple. The INR price for buying and selling Ripple (XRP) cannot be a decimal value. For example, it is either 57 or 58, you can’t choose 57.5. Although not a huge issue, this is a paradigm shift for users of other exchanges that offer XRP trading.

4. Ripple Prices rose upto INR 100

Update: The prices have now settled at market average. 

“I won’t complain about that to be honest but I am complaining because I can’t bring my XRP from another wallet to Zebpay because of the receiving address issue”, said a Zebpay user

It is true. Ripple prices rose to about INR 100 and is at 78 INR at the time of this writing and stays at a premium when compared to the market average. This is quite normal for an order-book exchange as users are the ones driving the prices, but yes the issue users are facing remains to be with the deposit. After-all it is a golden opportunity missed for arbitrage.

Zebpay Orderbook


These are the major issues faced by users on Zebpay today while trading Ripple. There are a few other issues like delays in Deposits, confusion with the address as Destination tag is not a separate field, and so on but they could be one-off issues.

Update: Deposit issues are reported to have been resolved. 

We urge users to be cautious while trading on any exchange. We have observed issues with many exchanges with Ripple. Koinex users recently received double the Ripple amounts, BitBnS users faced an issue where the XRP was deposited into an incorrect Destination tag, etc. Always try a small amount first and verify if everything is up to the mark.

Are you facing any other issue with Zebpay? Please let us know in the comments below

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