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How Coindelta Manages Telegram and Trollbox for round the clock support

Not very long ago only 2 exchanges were offering multiple cryptocurrency trading on a single platform in India. Koinex and Coindelta. Coindelta stood out by offering a BTC market along with the regular INR fiat based market. The BTC market is still the only such market in India. A question comes to mind about Coindelta now, how are they doing amidst the multiple exchanges in India?

Well, they are doing exactly what a crypto-exchange should be doing, making a robust support system.

In addition to a support page on the website, most of the exchanges have a telegram or had a telegram group to offer support to their users. Some had to shut down the group after a while as they could not handle the traffic and the chaos that comes along with it. Koinex shut down their Telegram group in December after reaching 5.7k members, Coinome shut their group just a few days after launching.

Coindelta’s Telegram group is going strong with 8545 members at the time of this writing and plans to create more groups for regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, etc.

Coindelta offers a Trollbox for people to discuss crypto and also ask for support on the website. Trollbox is a rarity in Indian exchanges, so much so that only Coindelta is the one offering it right now.

How does the Support on Coindelta Work?

A user having an issue can raise a ticket from the website or write an email to Coindelta. A ticket number is assigned to each issue. Support executives in Coindelta Offices pick up the tickets for resolution. If a user’s ticket is not answered or is unresolved in the stipulated time frame, or it is an urgent issue, he or she can contact Coindelta admins on trollbox or the telegram group.

When users don’t have issues but have queries they tend to type them out on either platform and Coindelta’s admins will respond to their queries. Coindelta admins collectively answer over a 1000 queries on some days.

Who are the admins and what can they do?

Admins/Community managers are users with special privileges on telegram groups and the trollbox. An administrator can ban/restrict individuals on the group, can escalate user issues to the right team, can answer queries about the exchange and most importantly moderate conversations on the platforms by deleting inappropriate messages or sending warnings to users not adhering to the policies.

These administrators are a group of individuals wanting to help the community voluntarily. They are traders on the platform, not employees.

Coindelta currently has 7 admins on the telegram group and the same on trollbox, Shubham Yadav, CTO of Coindelta confirmed to Coin Crunch India over a call.

The telegram group/Trollbox have rules and admins have been appropriately schooling the users who decide to bend or break the rules. The punishment ranges from restricting a user to write, imposing a temporary ban or banning them permanently, the admins do it all to maintain the decorum of the group.

But being an admin is not cake walk. Some trolls can attack the admins personally, some users complain about being wrongfully banned or apologise for their behaviour and ask to be allowed back in the group. Some users straight up threaten to leave the platform or abuse the admins. Admins have to maintain their cool in situations like these and stay unbiased.

“My worst experience is when I had to chase after a bot which flooded the group with messages and left. You can’t ban someone who left the group”, recalls Smit, an admin at Coindelta.

One thing that plagues all telegram groups are scammers. Scammers who copy the name and photo of the admins and then scam innocent details into revealing private information or sending money/crypto. Admins have been actively alerting the community of such attacks and taking action on scammers.

Does an admin get paid?

Usually, the job of community moderators or administrators is strictly voluntary and unpaid. Most exchanges do not pay their moderators. Coindelta is incentivising some long-term admins and putting them on a payroll, elevating them to a higher role. Those details aren’t made public.

Moderators do a lot of heavy lifting for the exchange. Many Indians are unaware of Cryptocurrency trading and are seeing it for the first time. They will have doubts and issues. Having community moderators resolve the doubts can help the core team focus on important issues. Incentivising the program helps to ensure that your admins are with you through and through.

How do the admins report urgent issues?

Coindelta runs multiple discord channels for the admins to report the issues. There are separate channels for types of issues. An issue with bank deposit is reported to a dedicated channel for bank deposits. An issue with trade or orders will be reported to the “Priority-order-trade” channel.

Once the issue is reported. A support executive from Coindelta will pick it up and work towards resolving it. Since most issues reported have a ticket number associated with it, the resolution is directly sent to the user. That way admins can keep focusing on other issues after reporting one.

An Effective system?

A system can become effective overtime after various iterations and changes. There are set processes to handle types of issues, fixed messages and resolutions to certain common issues and regular discussions amongst the team. Coindelta’s support system is quite close to being effective, as user experience improves.

“I love CD’s support, it is one of the main reasons I prefer to trade on CD”, says a telegram group member.

“People are actually very helpful here. Weeding out the trolls is making space for healthy discussions on the trollbox”, a trollbox user points out. Yes it is ironic that trolls are banned on something called as a trollbox.

CD admins have regular meetings with the core team to discuss the ways to improve support. Meetings are held on voice calls over discord and has always seen active participation from the founders. Users are your most important asset, and looks like Coindelta is working hard to keep them happy.

The Process to become a Coindelta Admin

In many cases, you don’t choose Coindelta, Coindelta chooses you. The most important job for a community moderator is to be helpful to the community. When a user is actively offering help to the community, resolving their issues or guiding them through a process, they become the perfect candidates for becoming admins.

The current admins and core team keeps an eye on individuals and when the need to recruit more admins arise, these individuals are contacted with the offer. Alternatively you can ask one of the admins if you want to be part of the team and they will tell you to “First start helping people”.

But with great power, comes great responsibility. 

Admins have to adhere to a code of conduct. Failing to follow the rules can get the admins be stripped off their privileges. From time to time admins are the first to be aware of new launches but cannot disclose it to users or use it for a personal advantage. The code of conduct and recruiting process are kept under wraps by Coindelta, but it is safe to assume that it is not very easy to become or remain a Coindelta Admin.

Where to from here?

Coindelta still receives hundreds of support tickets on a daily basis. The core team and admins are working hard towards resolving the issues for good and seems to be on the right track.

Other exchanges can learn a thing of two from Coindelta’s model to help the users. If history has taught us something, that is that people can be very critical about bad support.

Disclaimer: The author of the post was a community moderator for Coindelta before this post was written. 

Update log: A screenshot of Coindelta Telegram group was removed on request. A correction was made to section “Does an admin get paid?” with latest info from the company

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