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In the Midst of it All, a ‘Hero’ is Keeping the Tab

Where can I buy Bitcoin for the least amount of money?

What is the current USD price and how much premium am I paying in India? 

What are volumes of a particular exchange?

If you have questions like these, a ‘community of geeks’ has built a website for all the answers. They call it Coin Hero.

how to track bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices in india
The homepage of

Tracking Bitcoin Prices in India

Coinhero is a community project by a few crypto-enthusiast to help the masses adopt cryptocurrencies in India. At its heart, Coinhero is a website to track Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices in India. It offers a variety of ways to track that. You can track cryptocurrencies, exchanges and even arbitrage opportunities.

“CoinHero is India’s largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tracking project. It’s on a mission to educate and help every Indian with crypto investing and trading” says Dayson Pais, founder of CoinHero.

He goes on to explain the rationale behind creating a product like this, “India has a high fragmentation of exchanges, coins. This is a good thing, but the same time, we started seeing a lot of Indians making uneducated decisions and getting cheated off at higher prices or were unaware of their options before investing. There was no simple way to find out the answer to – Where all can I buy Ripple in India and what’s the price, transaction fees difference?”

how can i track all cryptocurrency prices of all exchanges in India
Coinhero shows the arbitrage opportunities across Indian exchanges

Coinhero has been ever evolving. Between me finding out about it to writing this story, Coinhero has gone through some massive changes, and all for the better.

Not Just Prices

Coinhero provides details about an exchange’s coins, their volumes, if they have an app and the withdrawal fees. That along with how many exchanges are offering a particular coin and the price on all of them in real time. That’s just the surface. The most recent update added charts for the users to track prices.

“All in all we want CoinHero to become a highly accurate and trusted crypto tracking tool for India where any Indian can keep a watch on a coin and make an informed decision”, Dayson wrote on email.

There are many apps out there offering to track prices from all exchanges, but are cluttered with unwanted ads. Coinhero has no ads on their website. On generating revenue, Dayson tells me “No plans or need for revenues right now”.

Mobile App

A mobile app is convenient over a website, but I personally wouldn’t care less if the site is responsive on the mobile browser. I still use my browser to trade in Koinex and Binance even though they have apps. But what’s the plan for Coinhero?

65% of the traffic on Coinhero is from Mobile web and the team hopes to bring out Android and iOS app out soon.


Not all exchanges and full details can be tracked on Coinhero. Some exchanges choose to not disclose a few details like volumes of trade. Coinhero has access to the APIs of these exchanges, but what can be shared on these APIs is still a decision of the exchange.

What Next

I asked Dayson the same question, his reply with a winking emoji says “more coins, more exchanges and more arbitrage insights”.

We will drink to that, after all more is better.

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