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Koinex Just Managed to Influence the International Crypto Market

“Told you to buy REQ tokens”, my phone buzzed as I stepped into my hotel and connected to the Wifi. REQ had just reached to INR 35 on Koinex. Damn, the international price was $0.26 which is roughly INR 19.

A little premium is not surprising in India, but this was huge. Then I saw the tweet from Koinex.

Then there was another tweet soon enough from Koinex.

And the price on Binance was up to $0.32

Did Koinex just influence the International market?

To answer that question, we needed a bit of research.

Koinex managed to turn up a trade volume of $1.4 M in just 1 hour, which is already higher than Huobi, which was holding #2 spot (in USD volumes) in 24 hours.

At this rate it won’t be a surprise if Koinex surpasses the volumes of Binance in 24 hours. It will be a proud moment for India.

volume of request network in india and international
Binance stands at #1 and Huobi stands at #2 (in USD volume)

To summarise REQ volumes on Koinex in 1 hour were higher than the 24 hour volumes on Huobi and the price went up by almost 15%. We Indians are now a influence to the world market.

Did you Buy or Sell REQ tokens? Let us know in the comments below

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