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Tikolio: Android App to Keep track of Crypto Prices and News, Ad Free

If you think we have 100s of Apps to check the current cryptocurrency prices in India, you maybe right. All of them do the most important thing, pretty much the same way:

  • Exchange based Pricing
  • Crypto based Pricing
  • Arbitrage Opportunities – Best Buy and Best Sell Prices.

Joining this wild wild world of apps is Tikolio. The Android app helps you track prices of various digital assets from all Indian and International Exchanges. Tikolio is developed by IDL Technologies and the founder Rahul Shashtri can be found on telegram.

how to track crypto prices in India
LTC tracking on Tikolio

Tikolio currently shows prices for BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, ZEC and OMG. I know I know, some of the coins are missing, Tikolio said they are working on adding them soon.

The Good

Here are some of the good features of Tikolio


Tikolio is ad free. Some apps are great but the ads ruin the experience for the user. There have been times when I have just bought pro versions to avoid ads. Ads are a nuisance and they should not be there at all.

Just for the irony, I am placing a google ad down here. If you have an ad-blocker, you’re lucky.

International Exchange Prices in INR

How many times have you had to sit down and multiply the Binance or Bitfinex price with 65 to calculate the value in INR? You can stop doing that as the international prices on Tikolio are in INR


Set up an alert for a buy/sell price of any coin and exchange. A notification will be sent to you when the alert is triggered. The only problem here is that the alerts only work when app is running in the background.

You can set an alert with an upper and lower limit. The current price is fetched automatically when the coin and exchange are selected.

how to set up alerts on tikolio
Alert Setup Screen on Tikolio Android App


Ah, don’t you wish you could get all the cryptocurrency news onto one app? Even we do. Coin Crunch wants to be there in your phone too. Well, we are working on it. You currently get the feed from Coin Desk, Cointelegraph and Reddit.

how to get coin crunch india updates
Crypto News Feed on Tikolio

The Bad

Bad would be an exaggeration, Tikolio is not necessarily bad at any features but we do recommend a few improvements

Missing Coins

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, so is the space for anything related to them. The app should be updated with the newer coins available in the market as quickly as possible. They do not yet have ETH from Zebpay.

Market Summary is in USD

If you’re going to show international exchange prices in INR, we would prefer seeing the market summary in INR too. Keep USD, but have an option for INR. But aside from that the 1 Hr change, 1 Day change and 1 Week change is pretty cool.

what is market cap of cryptocurrencies
The Market Summary on Tikolio

CoinCrunch Opinion:

I definitely recommend having this app on the phone and playing around with it. I was sold when I found out it is ad-free.  There are also no unnecessary permissions required by the app. It is doing what it is supposed to do, track prices.

One thing is funny though, the app ID is com.tikolio.tikolio.test. Why Test?

Check out the Tikolio App

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