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Twitter Handles of Co-Founders of Popular Crypto Exchanges

“I am having an Indian Libre”, I said to my friend who is hosting me in Mumbai.

“What the hell is Indian Libre?”

“You know how Coke and Rum is Cuba Libre? Well, Rum and Thumbs-up is Indian Libre”, I replied.

It has no connection with the title of the post but I just wanted to promote the coined term “Indian Libre”.

Speaking of Coined, you might know that there are many, many cryptocurrency exchanges in India. But did you know the twitter handles of all of them? I bet you didn’t. Well, now you know. Read on.

Exchange Name Designation Twitter Handle
Zebpay Mahin Gupta Original Founder @mahingupta
Sandeep Goneka Co-Founder (2014-Present) @GoenkaSandeep
Saurabh Agrawal Co-Founder (2014-Present) @Saurabh_1976
Koinex Rahul Raj CEO @startupkesari
Aditya Naik Co-Founder @anaik91
Rakesh Yadav CTO, Co-Founder N/A
Coindelta Rajdeep Singh CEO, Co-Founder @Rajdeep225
Shubham Yadav CTO, Co-Founder @shubyhere
Manish Kumar Co-Founder @manh15_
BitBnS Gaurav Dahake Co-Founder @gauravdahake
Prashant Singh Co-Founder @atiprashant
Srikanth Sethumadhavan Co-Founder N/A
Coinome Vivek Francis CEO @vivekfrancis
Unocoin Sunny Ray President, Co-Founder @Sunnystartups
Harish B.V COO, Co-Founder @bvharish
Abhinand CMO, Co-Founder @abhinand_kaseti
WazirX Nischal Shetty CEO, Co-Founder @NischalShetty
Siddharth Menon Co-Founder @BuddhaSource
Sameer Mhatre Co-Founder @sameermhatret
KoinOK Vivek Agarwal Co-Founder N/A
Manish Atri Co-Founder @atri_90
Vibhay Sachan Co-Founder N/A

Do you know any other twitter handles of the founders? Why don’t you write them down in the comments below and we will add it. I swear on my Indian Libre.

Update: Usernames are changing from time to time. The article will be updated as and when notified.

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