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How did PACcoin Reach 3rd on Coinmarketcap and what is it?

Too many people, too many people sent messages to our twitter, to ask what is this PAC coin on #3 in market cap behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But we will answer the most important question first.

Why PAC reached #3?

The circulation numbers of the PAC coin are incorrect on Coinmarketcap. Which incidentally listed $PAC coin today. PACcoin is the original coin from 2014 which was then hardforked into $PAC or PAC, and the circulation numbers are from the old coin PACcoin and not the new $PAC.

PACcoin (old one) at #3 on CMC

What is PACcoin or $PAC?

PACcoin  (PAC – People’s alternative choice) was the original coin launched in 2014, mineable using Sha256 algorithm. By 2017, PACcoin had fallen down 1200 ranks with no one taking an effort to upgrade it.

Come November, 2017, PACcoin was relaunched as $PAC with code and wallet upgrades by the community. $PAC is a new coin based on DASH. The total supply was reduced from 100 Trillion to 100 Billion. The current circulating supply is around 3.7 Billion according to the $PAC explorer.

the popularity wasn’t that great for the new $PAC but it had loyal support. However, it changed a little today.

As they said on twitter, PAC became popular once again. Free publicity thanks to Coinmarketcap.

PACcoin was just another mineable coin using Bitcoin’s SHA256 algorithm. $PAC can be mined on x11 algorithm, introduced by DASH. Read the Whitepaper.

$PAC offers payment solutions, but in essence it is a payment/transfer coin with low price much like DGB.

The website is down right now citing a Database error, possibly due to everyone looking it up.

paccoin another altcoin sours high due to coinmarketcap error
Error on the website

Where can I buy $PAC?

The 2 major exchanges currently offering $PAC – Cryptopia and Yobit.

How can I mine $PAC?

PAC can be mined using Nicehash mining pool services. The algorithm used is x11 by DASH. Each block is mined at roughly 150 seconds.

At the time of this writing Coinmarketcap has removed the incorrect listing and life is back to normal. You can follow the path of PAC here

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