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My Father Encouraged me to Invest in Crypto: Mansi

Mansi, a telegram user has quite a unique story to tell. While most crypto enthusiasts argue if Ripple is a good investment or not, it was XRP that got her into crypto in the first place. Mansi shares her story for our series Women of Blockchain and Crypto.

How did you get into Cryptocurrency?

story of ripple supporter women in blockchain and crypto
Telegram user Mansi

I started off in October when Ripple had just caught attention. That’s the coin which made me interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. And this was thanks to my ex boyfriend who’s the biggest Ripple supporter.”

“I started doing research on my own- how valid is community sentiment, what’s a white paper, the bullish bearish trends, etc”

On why get into Ripple at first, Mansi answers honestly “The crazy fluctuation! I started keeping track and realised none of the alts were going up like that. It was sheer greed at first I’m sure. I still remember the day it reached it’s peak, 30th December. It touched ₹250. I flipped!”


Support and Future

My father has been a stock market enthusiast and unlike other parents, he encouraged me. I have been off the crypto world for a while now, missing out from the action a little. Although I’ve had my share of fun, including vouching for multiple airdrops”.

Political Consultant

Mansi is a political consultant and student. She got her fair share of learning about blockchain and crypto by working as a political consultant too. ” When I started working (as a Political consultant) two years ago, this domain that I entered had multiple engineers who were familiar with blockchain and hence I got to know a lot about it too.”

What were engineers doing in political consulting?

“Engineers are everywhere” she joked. “Everyone wants IIT ka thappa

Where can people come to Mansi for advise?

“I am not that active on twitter. I don’t really share/discuss my opinions or views about cryptocurrency on any platform, except probably telegram”

We invited Mansi to join our telegram group. Now, Mansi can share her views, opinions and answer queries on it. 

Are you a woman in Blockchain or Crypto? Do you know someone who’s story needs to be shared? Drop us an email at [email protected] to share your story and we will publish it.

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