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Financial Freedom at 26 by making a ‘Simple’ Decision to Invest in Crypto

In our series Women of Blockchain and Crypto, we want to bring you the inspiring story of a girl who not only is a super patient hodler, but is actively working ‘to build and promote the Indian crypto community’.

With 1000+ followers and counting, twitter user @DesiCryptoHodlr is one of the prominent members of India’s slowly growing crypto fraternity. A fantastic background story, a killing portfolio and a loyal following, our Indian Cryptogirl has a really interesting story to tell.

How it all began

indian women inspiration in blockchain
Twitter user @DesiCryptoHodlr

A colleague of mine won some Bitcoin back in 2015 as part of a prize money in a hackathon. He had no idea what to do with it and we both started researching about how to sell the goddam thing. But instead, more we read about it, more we wanted to keep it.

A few months later the price tanked and we both forgot about it. In the meantime I put in Rs 1500 just for the sake of it and bought some myself. Fast forward one year to 2016, I had graduated and now had disposable money of my own. I started putting in 10% of my income into BTC.

This seemingly simple decision changed my life forever and gave me the financial freedom I could only dream of achieving at 26. Post 2017, I got into several altcoins as well with ETH and NEO being my first biggest successes. I braved many crashes and FUDs during this period including the china FUD, Dimon FUD and many more and kept ‘HODLing’ on.”

What kind of advise do you give on Twitter?

I share what and where I’ve invested, I share how I feel during the dips, during the highs and try to give the best advise to a lot of beginners that reach out to me. My aim is to inspire more girls to adopt and realise the power of crypto, especially girls from India.

What Kind of challenges did you face?

“I joined twitter to build and promote the Indian crypto community. When I started, a lot of people kept thinking I’m obviously a boy/man pretending to be a woman. Only after I started adding images and did voice-overs in my videos, people acknowledged that I’m a regular girl”.

“It was important to break the stereotype, that girls can’t invest. Indian girls are and will be a force in the crypto community“.

Indian Crypto Girl has crossed over 1000 followers at the time of this writing and she has shared her portfolio on her twitter account to celebrate the same.

If you want to be inspired by Indian Crypto Girl and get some tips on where to invest, follow her on Twitter @DesiCryptohodlr

Are you a woman in Blockchain or Crypto? Do you know someone who’s story needs to be shared? Drop us an email at [email protected] to share your story and we will publish it.

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