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I want people to stop looking at Cryptos as a ‘Get Rich Fast’ scheme: Nikita

This is the story of @CryptoNik21. The all-out Crypto blogger, enthusiast and investment consultant who invests 90% of her paycheque in Crypto and Stocks. Nikita Agarwal, another influential addition to our collection of articles about Women of Blockchain and Crypto.

Nikita Agarwal. @Cryptonik21

Brush with Bitcoin

I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2015 when my friend’s computer was infested with Ransomware and the price to unlock the device was around 2 BTC. Trying to find a way to unlock the device, I read a lot about Bitcoin and Blockchain. I was fascinated by the technology and its applications. I bought around Rs. 4000 worth of Bitcoin that I later sold for a 30% profits (30%!!). I didn’t start seriously investing in cryptocurrencies until I graduated college and got a monthly pay cheque”

Who pays the pay cheque?

For my regular job, I work in marketing at a manufacturing company in Bangalore. I have a degree in Business Management with a specialization in Finance.

For my fun job or ‘Side Hustle’, I write blogs and tweet my thoughts on investing in cryptocurrencies in India. I also offer crypto consulting services where I educate interested investors about Blockchain technology, help them understand how crypto markets work and advise on investing and risk management.”

Nikita shares news, answers queries and most importantly takes on Main stream media when they try to spread articles that are incorrect, which by the way is usually the case.

The love for Blockchain

Nothing has interested and fascinated me like the world of cryptocurrencies has. Anyone who spends time understanding Blockchain and reading about Bitcoin and its applications is convinced that it is revolutionary technology that will change thousands of industries. I want people to stop looking at cryptos as a ‘Get Rich Fast’ scheme and start understanding the underlying tech. Almost all my conversation with ‘no-coiners’ are about the technology and its uses instead of the financial gains.

I am really excited about the next few years in the world of crypto. Mass adoption, proof of stake, new coins, new exchanges, price swings- everything! There is never a boring day.”

Other than Blockchain and Crypto?

“I spend 3-4 months of the year travelling for work meetings. I am really into fitness. I go to the gym regularly and weight train. I invest 90% of my pay cheque in stocks and cryptos every month

“I’m also happy to answer questions and discuss crypto on Twitter. I reply to almost all my messages and mentions”.
In case you aren’t already jealous of Nikita, here’s a picture of her chilling in Italy.

who are the women in blockchain and influencers

Nikita Agarwal aka Cryptonik21

If you need tips on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies follow Nikita on Twitter @CryptoNik21 or find her at

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