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NEO and GAS Withdrawals Halted on Koinex

Koinex has added a lot of new features and have been adding new cryptocurrencies for trading every week. The most recent addition being NEO and the accompanying GAS. It was announced on their twitter, which also acts as a news aggregator while they are not tweeting about adding coins.

Trade goes live

Between their million tweets sharing articles from around the world, one read “ and trading will go live today at 05.00 PM (March 14, 2018).”

The trading is live now. The deposits are live since March 13, 2018. But, the withdrawals have not yet started.

Withdrawals not Started

At first I thought they halted their withdrawals of NEO and GAS. But after speaking with the CTO Rakesh Yadav, I came to know they never actually started the withdrawal service. So I asked him Why?

“We always launch new coins in phases. Deposits, trading then withdrawals. This helps us monitor individual parts with focus”, Yadav replied.

Well Rakesh, if that is the case the error should not say Service will be BACK ONLINE soon. Consider changing the error messages?

koinex trades neo and gas
Neo and Gas withdrawals halted on Koinex

It has been one hour since the trading started and Neo and Gas Withdrawals still remain unavailable. That is a long wait period. As Raj, a telegram user says “It should’ve announced that withdrawals will not be functional. Why do I have to know such an important thing when I go to withdraw the coin?”

Raj asks a valid question, why can’t they just tell us that withdrawals won’t be available for <insert time in hours>.

Have you started trading Neo and Gas on Koinex? Let us know in the comments below. 


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