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What is TRON (TRX)?

The goal of the TRON protocol is to construct a global free content entertainment using the blockchain technology to the fullest. Founded in 2017, Tron will help the users freely publish, store and own data. Entertainment is of many form, TRON focuses on having a decentralised content entertainment ecosystem. There are many application partners for TRON, some of them include Peiwo, Obike, Gifto, Uplive which have a total of more than 4 million active users which makes TRON blockchain protocol with the most DAPP users in the world.

When it comes in storing data the first question users ask is will it be safe? Here comes the power of trust. TRON ensures that the technology they have enabled will keep the data safe and access it for free from any corner of the globe. They are in a mission to transform the internet on a global scale. The reason to enable such type of new internet era is to remove the opaque centralised authority to transparent codes which can be understood by anyone. The rules for the contracts will be fully transparent and completely based on faithfully executed smart contracts.

Web 4.0

TRON is also a representative of the Web 4.0 Ecosystem. This system has more than 100,000 users spread across more than 100 countries and regions. The network is becoming trustworthy day by day and expanding its user base to a very large extent in no time.

The founder of the TRON network Justin Sun is a masters from University of Pennsylvania, Not only that, he is a bachelor of Peking University and the founder and CEO of mobile social application Peiwo as well. His team comprises of tech enthusiasts and a minimum of five years work experience in their domains at International levels. Some of his A- league consists of Lucien Chen: CTO, Keelson Yang: Technical Director, Xiaodong Xie: Developer, Xiaoquin Chen: Web Developer etc.

Market Performance

Coming to the global performance of TRX, it is really showing up. TRON is listed on many popular exchanges on a global scale. At the time of this writing, the market capital of TRON is $2,343,114,359 USD and the current price for one TRX is $0.035638 USD. The ICO price was $0.0019.

The ICO of TRON started from 31 August 2017 to 2 September the same year. The goal of the ICO was to raise funds up to $70,000,000 USD. 40% of the total supply were sold in the ICO.


TRON has been a bit of a controversial crypto project. On one side it has its die hard supporters who are not ready to listen to any negative comments about TRX and on the other side it has its constant criticism that have a bunch of complains against it. The situation has not been handled well at the time by the company’s poor PR strategy. The second scandal was of plagiarism, which was blamed to the TRX Whitepaper. Some also claim that some part of the TRON protocol was blankly copied and no credit was given to the protocols from which the data was plagiarised.

After all these criticism to the white paper the founder of the protocol Justin Sun was also criticised to post faulty news about the project’s release on Twitter. The news became the source of fire in the crypto world.

Future Price

what is the current price of Tron
Tron Price Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

The chart shows the overall performance of TRX globally. Analytics can get a hand of the future of the coin but believe it or not no one can predict the next value of crypto tech. They can hike like anything and the value can skyrocket or it can go down the drain.

Thankfully, the coin is doing well in the market. The price of the coin is boosting recently and the volume out is also shows a healthy growth. The growth can be witnessed when TRON was listed in exchanges like Bittrex and Upcoin which pushed its value to the sky.

Remember, you are investing in the technology and not in the coin. Coin is just a part of the whole system which will make the users to own some proportion of the technology and benefit from it. In relation to TRON, the number of coins which will be supplied is a total of 100,000,000,000 TRX from which 65,748,192,476 TRX is already in the chain i:e supplied.

In India, TRON (TRX) is currently trading on Pocketbits, Koinex, Bitbns, KoinOk and Coindelta. The prediction of TRX is really high and the expectations are intact. It is predicted by experts that the coin may jump to the 4th place in the crypto world if it manages to push Litecoin out of its way.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investments are subject to legal and market risks. CoinCrunch advises users to carefully research the assets before investing.

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