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Opinion: Koinex is Overdoing it with their Twitter Account

I have a bunch of drafts ready to be edited and published, but today I took a day for myself. Watching movies, drinking soup and hoping for my Urticaria medications to work. I was diagnosed of that by Dr. Anuj Tenani, a Dermatologist and the co-founder of Oxybit exchange. I just slipped in his name so I can get away from paying his consultation fees.

Back to the point, have you ever been to twitter lately to see what these exchanges are tweeting about? I have notifications on for a lot of Exchanges’ twitter handles, but I had to stop notifications from one particular Exchange. No points for guessing it is Koinex.

Seriously they need to put a lid on their tweets. Here’s why it is annoying.

1. Too Many Tweets to Share Articles

What do you think is Twitter? Twitter is a communication platform. It is a social media to have a conversation.

First and foremost when it comes to Twitter (and indeed any social network) you’d do well to remember that Twitter is not a broadcast platform. It’s about conversation. That holds true whether you’re tweeting as an individual or a company. – State Of Digital

When you tell your followers you are launching a new product or that you are down for maintenance that’s a conversation. Heck even if you tell them you read a certain article and you’d want them to read it, that’s a conversation. But come on guys, sharing upwards of 10 articles in a day is just annoying.

Koinex shared 11 articles on March 20, 2018. ELEVEN. Please remember you are not a news aggregator, you are an exchange. Create a new Handle @KoinexNewAggregationService and share them there.

Take a note of these, almost every article shared by @KoinexIndia has no to may be 5 replies. Almost every Exchange related update has 50+ replies and over 200 retweets, you see what is making a difference?

2. Overdoing with #WhatsNextOnKoinex Hashtag

Everyone seems to be trying out their own version of #WhatsNext, but Koinex is slightly overdoing it.

Koinex began tweeting #WhatsNextOnKoinex to make users guess, obviously what’s next on Koinex. They already add #letstradecrypto #cryptocurrency #cryptoassets #blockchain on their tweets, but #whatsnextonkoinex is a phrase that means something. They now use it a lot, sometimes places where it doesn’t even make sense

At first it was okay. Sure you are making an announcement of the new coin or an upgrade, you are telling people to guess whats next on Koinex

Then it turned up in almost all the announcements. We already know what’s next on Koinex because you are telling us what’s next on Koinex, why add #WhatsNextOnKoinex?

And then there is this jackpot of a tweet, this doesn’t make sense. Are you asking me tell you what’s already new and how we like it or already want us to start guessing what’s next on Koinex?

Cherry on Top, some users just started using the hashtag in tweets that has no relation to it whatsoever. I love @CryptoNewsIndia and he’s a dear friend, but dude this, seriously? 

Put some brakes on the twitter battle. Koinex, you receive enough conversations without hashtags. Overdoing one doesn’t help. Yes #Hashtags are a great way to engage but you can try to be a little experimental with it.

3. Why is there no @KoinexSupport Account

Okay, this may not be such a problem, but it is a nice-to-have. Koinex is using their official ID to answer to all user issue and complaints. They don’t show up on the feed unnecessarily but they can try to create a new ID @KoinexSupport, change the settings to mark ‘Provides Support’ and possibly soon get a Blue tick of approval. Is that such a bad idea?

Overall Koinex is doing a wonderful job with the exchange and its social media, issues are being resolved in time and new coins (Koins) are launching every week. Obviously there have been exceptions but it has been better now than ever. But seriously, your twitter is not a constant monologue machine. Please. 

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