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Developer, Recruiter, Crypto investor – Ekta Chordia can do it all

“I keep my laptop for the Pooja during Diwali, after all, it is what is helping me earn and keeping my book of accounts”, Ekta Chordia smiles as she sips her coffee.

Ekta and I met before the huge crypto rally last year. Actually we met on Quora first, theoretically speaking. Ekta Chordia is an investor, trader, influencer and a guide in the cryptocurrency community. She is a Woman in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

You wouldn’t find Ekta on Twitter or Telegram communities discussing crypto. You will instead find her in a closed group on Whatsapp where she shares her findings and opinions. For her public responses you can always check her profile on Quora.

women in blockchain ekta chordia
Ekta’s Laptop for Puja ahead of Diwali

The Beginning

“I observed Bitcoin and other cryptos for a long time before I asked my dad to make an investment. He said no”, Ekta shares her story. But when the prices began to go up, the tech started to get the recognition, that’s when it got easier for her to convince her family. Soon, Ekta was investing her own and her family’s money into crypto.

Only a few people who invest in crypto take out time to learn about the technology, read charts and do some technical analysis. Ekta is one of them. “I learnt Technical Analysis first so that I can know the market sentiment and invest accordingly”.

Fast forward to today and Ekta has a powerful portfolio with ICOs, promising Altcoins and ofcourse Bitcoin.

who is financial advisor ekta chordia on quora
Ekta Chordia

The Day Job

While Ekta is not busy answering questions on Quora, Whatsapp or investing herself, she is a freelance recruiter, a freelance developer, provides student project Assistance and basically a hustler. With a pool of free lancers, Ekta can develop technical products as per your need. You know you can get a job if you reach out to Ekta Chordia. A true multitasker.

Ekta is working on to build her own recruitment/head hunting firm while steadily making a fortune out of cryptocurrencies.

Financial Advisory

Ekta comes from a family of Stock Market and Finance Enthusiasts. So it was natural for her to be good at trading. It is in her genes. She will answer your questions about stock markets, Mutual finds, Insurance policies the same way she can tell you about crypto-assets. With her entire family now looking into all kinds of Financial needs, Chordias are at the top of the game.


You won’t hear much of Ekta Chordia on social media. But you join a Whatsapp group (We are not allowed to disclose it) and you’ll know she’s got fans. Many people wait on her analysis to decide their next move. Ekta managed to successfully register/KYC for multiple hard-to-get ICOs like Eximchain.  She has helped many people participate in these ICOs by pooling – A process where you pool money to participate in an ICO as a group.

Unfortunately for her, a few people has also ditched her after agreeing to pool, hence leaving her with more investment than she intended to. Sometimes its a blessing in disguise if the ICO turns out to be super successful and yields multi-fold returns.

Ekta’s story is nothing short of fantastic. Starting with a mere INR 1000 investment, Ekta has managed to build a portfolio that is currently over 30 times the original value. Within 6 months in the world, Ekta’s technical analysis, her calls and signals have helped many avoid losses and make huge gains.

This is Ekta Chordia’s story. She is this week’s Women in Blockchain.

What do you think of Ekta Chordia, let us know in the comments below

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