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April Fools Fever: OnePlus Launches New CryptoCurrency PeiCoin

Joining the likes of OyoRooms now is the premium-budget smartphone company OnePlus. The new cryptocurrency is called ‘PeiCoin’ and the tagline Blockchain meets never settle.


A few hours ago OnePlus pinned the announcement tweet on their twitter account.

The Project:

OnePlus’s Pei Coins get the name from the Founder of Oneplus Carl Pei. Essentially Pei is making a currency and calling it Pei.


  1. Only for OnePlus customers
  2. Mineable on OnePlus phones using OxygenOS
  3. No fees for transactions
  4. Open Source
  5. Decentralised Blockchain

Twitter Reactions

Come on guys. April 1st is literally right around the corner. It didn’t take twitterattis very long to figure it out:

Subtle, very subtle

They even dragged reviewer Geeky Ranjit in the battle

And they brought in MKBHD as well.

Everyone Knows its a Joke

Looks like everyone already knows that Oneplus is joking. But seriously, someone pinged me to ask if this is for real and you know what I said, “Pei for your thoughts”. Get it? Penny is currency, Pei is a currency. Penny for your thoughts. May be I should not attempt an April fool’s Joke.

The Elaborate Joke

It all started with the 26 second teaser launched by the founder Carl Pie on the official oneplus youtube channel. The teaser launched on 28th March and has over 116k views at the time of this writing.

Then came the website. The dedicated website for PeiCoin was then shared on social media from official OnePlus accounts.

There are 2 input fields on the website.

  1. Get Peid – This automatically writes a tweet for you to share on your twitter. Interestingly the twitter handle of founder Carl Pei is @GetPeid
  2. Enter Email address to Subscribe to Updates regarding PeiCoin. This is just to get you subscribed to the Oneplus newsletter. Nothing else.

What do you think about PeiCoin? Is it real? Is it a Prank? Leave a comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to share.

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