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Get All Crypto News in Colour-Coded tiles Stacked on a Heatmap

Picture this, you have 5 minutes until you leave for an important meeting or to run some errands. Maybe you just woke up in the morning and want to quickly get all the updates from the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Where do you go?

You probably log on to your favourite Crypto update site, or an aggregator app and endlessly scroll through the headlines soaking it all in. Maybe you go on twitter to see what the experts you follow have to say. But all of these tasks are time consuming. You cannot possibly know everything in 5 minutes.

What if every single news headline was nicely stacked onto the homepage of a website? The tiles are colour coded for different categories of news. For example, separating price analysis from ICO related news. A setup like that is called a HeatMap and has built one.

how to track all the news in cryptocurrency on one website
Heatmap on

What is CryptoControl?

Cryptocontrol is an information site for cryptocurrency. It acts as a news aggregator, provides pricing data and also lets you manage your portfolio. The app is available for Android as well as iOS.

The founder Steven Enamakel lives in Mumbai and has worked on other startups like and Kuwait & Me. The later was developed when Steven worked in Kuwait, a journey 12 years long.


heatmap is a graphical representation of data. The data is colour-coded to represent different values. Heatmaps are one of the most prominent mechanisms for analysing where users have clicked on a website.  Heatmaps are better at visualisation than standard reports.

Cryptocontrol has used a colour-coded heatmap for representing news from around the world. The Cryptocontrol heat map is categorised in Seven major areas, each represented by a different colour.

  1. General News
  2. Blockchain News
  3. Mining
  4. ICOs
  5. Government
  6. Analysis
  7. Exchanges

You can uncheck the categories you aren’t interested in and the same will be removed, in a rather animated fashion.

heatmap for cryptocurrency news
Checking and Unchecking Categories Animation

The Heatmap/Newsmap segregates the posts into these categories using an algorithm developed with the help of an AI system.

A sample set of 1000 articles for each category was fed to an AI to develop the algorithm. Notice the colours go from darker to lighter shades and the tiles are in different shapes?

This is Steven’s answer to the question on reddit:

The size of the panels depend on the number of clicks and the number of sources that are talking about the same article.

The bigger the tile, the more important an article is. The darkness represents age of the article.

Interesting fact, Indian Exchange Coindelta is using Cryptocontrol’s news feed on their website.

Other Features

As an added bonus on the website, besides sharing news, Cryptocontrol app lets you keep track of your portfolio and lets you monitor cryptocurrency prices. You can setup price alerts, request a feature or even sign up for a premium version.

Going premium can cost you INR 199/Month or INR 999/Year. There is a referral program that earns you rewards in form of free premium upgrade.

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Disclaimer: The Author may add referral links. 

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