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We, @CoinCrunchIn are Shadow Banned on Twitter

Here’s a tiny little announcement I never hoped I would have to make. It was discovered a few hours ago that the official twitter account of Coin Crunch India @CoinCrunchIn is shadow banned.

It took me a while to understand what it is and how I can deal with it. We just wanted to keep our readers and subscribers informed that if you do not find updates from us on Twitter, it could be because of the shadow ban.

What is Shadow Ban on Twitter?

Shadow Banning is when followers and users cannot find you or see your tweets. This Nicebrain article explains Shadow Banning as below:

Shadow banning as a term refers to banning an account from an online community. It is also known as stealth banning or ghost banning and affects accounts that are found to be in violation of the rules and terms of service used to regulate the online community.

Time and again, Twitter’s AI based algorithms shadow ban users who they suspect to have breached the policies of twitter in any way.

How did we know we were Shadow Banned?

We saw the traffic on our twitter reduce drastically in the evening of 7th April. While all the tweets get a few likes and retweets, suddenly tweets from our account started receiving no more than 3 likes and retweets. There are online tools available to check if an account is shadow banned, and I decided to find out myself.

The result was unsurprisingly Bad – We are Shadow Banned

we got shadow banned on twitter
CoinCrunchin results on the Nice Brain tool

Just to be sure, I checked if my personal account is Shadowbanned too, It isn’t. Yet. 

how to not get shadow banned on twitter
Twitter handle @ThatNaimish is not shadowbanned

You can also see it for yourself when you search your account while you are logged out. When we searched for @CoinCrunchIn, not a single one of our tweets showed up in the results. This is the easiest sign of being ShadowBanned.

When you are shadow banned on twitter, no one can find you by searching
No CoinCrunchIn tweets in the search results

Why did we get Shadow Banned?

There could be a plethora of reasons of being shadowbanned. Over posting, Abusive tweets, spamming, sharing bad website, engaging in a conversation with shady people and so on.

I assume we got shadow banned because of excessive tweeting, original and replies to several tweets that were sent to us.

We tweet about 2-6 times an average everyday and we tweeted over 15 original tweets on 6th April and over 12 tweets on 7th April. We replied to over 80 tweets. This is a possible reason we were shadowbanned.

What will we do now?

For now, we are laying low. We will be careful about the number of tweets we send out in a day and the replies. We will ensure we get all the updates out for our followers while maintaining a decent gap between tweets.

The shadow ban according to some experts last about 48-72 hours. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our loyal followers. Meanwhile, we are chatting about the developments all through the day on our telegram group, should you wish to join the conversation.

What can our Followers do?

As a twitter user, you can go directly to our twitter account @coincrunchin and get our latest tweets. For now, we want to apologise if we do not reply to you after you tag us. DMs are open, feel free to drop a message, we answer to every single DMs. Please be patient until we find a way to avoid this in future.

Additionally, one of our followers Paras Lehana suggested that switching mobile notifications on for our handle sends notifications for the tweets, so that is also a good idea.

Ask your friends to follow us on Twitter so that we can garner the trust of Twitter’s algorithm as well.

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