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Rumour-mill: The Next Coin on Zebpay May be TRX (Tron)

It has only been 3 days since the listing of EOS on Zebpay and we already have a suspect for the next one.

Earlier today, a user asked in our community whether Zebpay is launching TRX next and we started sniffing around.

Although it is very early to say, but it looks like Zebpay may be testing out TRX deposits.

This is the wallet of Zebpay for ETH and ERC20 token deposits – 0xf24d5683d65af07bd279ec899bce423befebb366. All of your deposits to the wallets you see on your zebpay app, are then transferred to this wallet.

It appears Zebpay received 1 TRX token on it. An amount as little as 1 could only mean it was done for testing purposes.

zebpay is lauching more ERC20 tokens on its exchange including EOS and TRX
The incoming transaction of 1 TRX on Zebpay wallet

Couldn’t the 1 Tron be from a User?

Great Question. After digging further we found that the address –  0x7B28Ed311AD356C21b28079Ff6232c3c5F8050B8 used to send 1 TRX to Zebpay was also used to send the first ever EOS to the same Zebpay Wallet. It was a 5 EOS transfer.

Zebpay is launching Trox TRX token
First 5 EOS transferred to Zebpay Wallet from the same wallet that send 1 TRX

Not convinced yet?

Of course this isn’t convincing at all. As there are so many transactions of EOS going out to other wallets such as 0x13dDC479259909792cB6C9cC70F0c4999e51120f.

Yes, many transactions are sent to the above address, but later from there, they are all accumulated and sent to, you guessed it – The Zebpay Wallet 0xf24d5683d65af07bd279ec899bce423befebb366

zebpay to launch TRX Tron
All the EOS transferred to Zebpay Wallet

What did Zebpay Say?

Zebpay Exchange head Nischint Sanghvi said “I can’t comment on that”, to Coin Crunch India over a Text Message.

TRX is a good and obvious choice

Tron is the an adored token in India. Look at the volumes it has racked up in the last 24 hours despite reducing volumes overall.

  1. Koinex = $2,081,010
  2. Bitbns – $192,557

Other exchanges like Coindelta, KoinOk and WazirX have listed TRX. WazirX reported a trade of 29 Lakh TRX between 9 PM and 11 PM when the exchange ran a contest for Highest trader.

It is obvious that TRX is bringing in the volumes and trades for Indian exchanges and Zebpay would want a piece of the action as well.

Do you think Zebpay will launch TRX Trading anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below

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