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Here’s How to get Free 100 VIB tokens and win 1200 More

Indian Exchange KoinOK seems to be on a give-away spree. After XDCe and TRX giveaways, it is time for traders to win some Viberate – VIB.

The exchange is listing a new token VIB and offering traders an opportunity to win 100 VIB tokens, which is equivalent to Rs 1200/- at the time of this writing. KoinOK is the first Indian exchange to list this token.

Along with that, KoinOK is running a competition for Highest trader in VIB. The prizes for this competition include a giveaway of total 3000 VIBs or roughly Rs. 36000/- among three top traders.

100 VIB Give-away

The first 200 users to deposit 500 VIB to their KoinOK wallet will get 100 VIB extra. The trader is eligible for the offer only if the 500 VIB tokens are not withdrawn until April 29, 23:59. However, you are free to trade with the tokens. Which is good news and I will get there in a minute.

Here’s how I recommend doing it.

  1. Buy 518 VIBs on Binance as 18 VIB is the withdrawal fee on Binance.
  2. Transfer 500 VIB to KoinOK
  3. You can then trade your 500 VIBs over and over to participate in the Highest trader competition.
  4. Win the 100 VIB (Rs. 1200) as part of the giveaway, sell or Hodl.

This way you make a profit of Rs. 1000 (after deducting the Binance fee) in a matter of 10 days for an initial investment of 6000 INR. A profit of 17%. This is not counting the profit you may make while trading VIBs. However, as this reward is only for the first 200 depositors, make sure to do this early, just to be safe.

a VIB token giveaway in India. Win free 100 VIB tokens
KoinOk is Giving away 100 VIB to first 200 Depositors

Highest Trader Competition

Between April 20, 20:00 to April 30, 20:00, you are eligible to win prizes if you are the highest VIB trader on KoinOK. Simple as that.

The prizes for top 3 highest traders are:

  • Highest Trader – 1200 VIB tokens
  • 2nd Highest Trader – 1000 VIB tokens
  • 3rd Highest Trader – 800 VIB tokens

As I said before, Deposit 500 VIB and trade them as well, you will get 100 VIB plus a chance to win another 1200.

Win 1200 VIB tokens by trading on KoinOK
VIB Highest trading Competition on KoinOK

About Viberate:

Viberate is a blockchain based marketplace for live music lovers and creators. The crowd sourced project is looking at changing how musicians are booked and presented and opening new gates for the community to join and contribute to the Live music industry. With a comprehensive database of live music venues and artists, their social media rankings based on multiple point system like geography, demographics, etc, Viberate can analyse and present the best line up for any live music festival.

Before we go any further, just know that their ICO sold within 5 minutes and raised about $30 Million. VIB token is currently listed on major exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Okex and many more. KoinOK will be the first and only exchange listing VIB  in India.

The VIB ecosystem will allow the artists and the community to advertise, process tickets, earn commissions and integrate third party tools and everything with smart contracts on Blockchain and using the VIB token for payments. Check out Viberate

About KoinOK:

KoinOK is an Indian Fiat based cryptocurrency exchange that launched in February this year. It is run by IIT Alumni Vibhay Sachan, Rohit Jindal and Vivek Agarwal. KoinOK currently offers 7 trading pairs with INR – ETH, XRP, NEO, GAS. XDCE, CVC, and TRX. VIB will be eight, it is four more than the time we did a review on KoinOk. KoinOK offers a unique dual referral deal where you can earn 150 XDCe tokens and Rs. 100/- per referral.

Visit KoinOK

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to various market risks. Trading advises offered in the article are solely for articulation required within the article to explain the subject matter better. Readers are requested to take informed decision. Coin Crunch India will not be liable for any losses occurring to readers in trading. Referral links of authors may have been added. 

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