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Opinion: I fell in Love with Coindelta All Over again

Less than 36 hours ago, Coindelta deployed a massive update to their website’s UI. In an attempt to streamline and ease trading, CD’s new market page stands redesigned. Coindelta has incorporated all trading features into one page. According to the exchange, they wanted to remove the excessive scrolling the users had to do for checking their open order, trade history, etc.

As most of you might know I was once an admin of the Coindelta Community, at the time when other exchanges were shutting down telegram groups, I was making sure we keep the wheel turning for Coindelta along with some more equally dedicated moderators. Fast forward to several months later, Coindelta is one of the many exchanges I review, talk about and get updates from regularly. The Telegram channel is still going strong.

So after I received the newsletter from Coindelta about their new UI, it was imperative that I check it out. The things have changed, and for the better.

Although a great deal of influence, but the UI and my history with Coindelta is not the only reason to love CD, there is one more, you’re going to love it. Read on.

coindelta does a revamp on their trading website
Coindelta’s new one-page Market

Everything on One Page

It is quite evident that everything from trade history, trading view charts, order history, market selection, news feed and the all important Trading kiosk is all in one page.

2 days ago, there were no charts on Coindelta. Today we have trading view integrated charts. You can play around with them as much as you want.

There is tiny news feed window and the feed is provided by Crypto Control, next to it, you can check out the Twitter feed of Coindelta and the trollbox for chatting with community.

There is also a dark mode for the website.

coindelta dark mode one page market is awesome
Dark Mode in Coindelta

New Charts from Trading View

I personally was annoyed that Coindelta had gotten rid of the charts. Even if they weren’t the best charts, I loved them. It helped me write articles on how some bought Ethereum at INR 300 only.

(Read: Someone Just Bought ETH at INR 300 on Coindelta)

Hence it was a refreshing experience to see new charts on the website. They are Trading View charts and can also go full screen. If you are a person who loves doing TA, you are in luck now!!

The charts have all the features that trading view offers including several indicators.

trading view charts with several indicators on Coindelta
Trading view charts on Coindelta in Full Screen mode

Improved User Experience

Whether you are on a 13″ laptop or using a 24″ LED monitor, having everything on one page does improve the experience. I use a 19″ monitor and I can easily see the newsfeed, chat with people on trollbox, play around with the charts and ofcourse trade easily. While you won’t realise it now, in a few days it will dawn upon you on how much time you can save by not having to scroll. I have to give to CD team, this was indeed a huge requirement, although I didn’t realise it until I started using it.

Accessing the old Market

If you are nostalgic about the old market on Coindelta, do not fear. You just have to click on Basic Market and you will be back to the old way to trading. However, the charts from trading view will still be there.

Coindelta is Growing Rapidly Even Hiring More People

Another reason to rejoice is that while there were only 2 main exchanges challenging incumbents back in September 2017, namely Koinex and Coindelta, today there are over 3 dozen exchanges. Somewhere along the way, Coindelta stayed back in race as many new exchanges started moving forward. One such example is Bitbns exchange. Some would attribute this to the stagnancy in listing new coins, the lower volumes or even the lack of a trading app.

Nevertheless CD came back with a bang when they suddenly listing 10 coins together on their exchange. Today they have 25 coins, very close to Bitbns and Koinex.

Not only that but a recent LinkedIn post from the Business head and co-founder Shubham Yadav hints at massive Hiring in the Coindelta Camp even amid the RBI’s decision on the Banking Ban. The company is looking for a CFO, network engineers, developers and looks like the Android App is soon to go live.

There are 16 people working for Coindelta and the requirement is for 5 more. While many exchanges still run with the core team, Coindelta is expanding to 21 members.

CD is also one of the seven exchanges currently part of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency committee (BACC) in India which means they have resources at hand when they run into trouble. Believe me you, the seven exchanges on BACC do help each other out a lot. The head of BACC Ajeet Khurana is also the newly appointed CEO of Zebpay

Funding and Future:

Although CD has kept quiet about their funding, the ramp up activities hint to a good enough backing. It is understandable to keep these details confidential in the start-up ecosystem.

Coindelta is also one of the few exchanges that plan to move out of India if the RBI ban is not lifted. Whether they move out or not is secondary, as of now, the business is as usual with no interruption in deposits, withdrawals and continuous upgrades to the platform.

Coindelta is also one of the very few exchanges that have no referral service. Something tells me they will have one soon enough. You need Moolah for referrals and looks like CD has got some in their bank accounts.

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