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Yet Another Sexual Harassment on Indian Telegram Group

Telegram, on one hand the Russians are fighting for their right to use the messaging app and on the other hand, the ones that have free access to it, are misusing it.

The story is from a tiny group of 52 members. This is one example of several such tiny groups where in a handful of friends or acquaintances spend their time discussing Crypto and sharing anything from jokes to NSFW content. The common consensus of the group is “Anything is allowed”.

Enter a girl named Kylie. Like many telegram users, Kylie is ofcourse a pseudonym and the picture of the girl is a random one from the internet. Kylie tells me she was told to hide her identity by few other girls for security and safety.

Kylie joins a the small group as well as a bigger group which is a popular cryptocurrency community. A few members are part of both groups.

Kylie was bombarded with nude pictures when she tried to share a blockchain project for Sugar Dating called – Dating With Benefits. For those who don’t know, Sugar Dating is a popular Western culture where a young man or woman starts dating a rich, older counterpart. The later provides for the former and takes care of his or her luxury expenses.

Since Kylie did not have her own picture, she was trolled initially for allegedly having a ‘fake profile’. Some members even said she was a guy using a girl’s identity. It was later when things got worse. She received tons of pornographic images on the group, and remember unsolicited sharing of pornographic images is also Sexual Harassment. 

After that Kylie went on to call out on the group and its members in another cryptocurrency group. She was devastated and pretty much made up her mind about Indians being the vile creatures the Western world perceives us to be. 


The 300 words above are the hardest words I have ever written. I winced at the images and the chat history when I saw it. Whether Kylie is a scammer or not. Whether she is a girl or not. Even if that is a guy and has an alternative agenda, who gives you the consent to send porn to her?

Some would argue, this is the internet. To which let me tell you that, the internet needs to be a safe place for everyone.

However, I had to do my research before publication, that’s the duty. So here we go:

The group was meant to share anything, even porn:

Once I found the said group, the first thing I noticed was the description of the group.

When a group description says ‘PORN allowed’, you are better off without joining it.

sexual harassment on telegram in India
The Group Description where Kylie was sent the sexual images

What has changed now?

After the incident was shared with me, I contacted the main admin of the group for a statement.

He said he apologised to Kylie and what happened was wrong. The group description has changed since. I am surprised the group was not deleted, but the messages of any offensive nature have been deleted.

Coin Crunch opinion:

What happened was terribly wrong. Anyone who is new to a group should either be replied to with respect or ignored. Ban them if you don’t trust them. Sending unsolicited images just shows the immaturity of a community. Sure, privately, you are allowed to share whatever you want. But PRIVATELY is the key. With consent is another key. In this case Kylie was bombarded with porn without her consent and that will leave a lasting impact.

We have decided against sharing the group and member names because we do not want to make them famous. This was a decision I took after consulting some veteran journalists. It has been proven that media’s attention to certain set of people can turn into an even worse reaction from the accused’s sympathisers.

There is also another side to the story, I think if Kylie wasn’t treated well, she could have just left the group and that would have been the end of it. At the end of the day it is a private group of friends who have clearly mentioned they will share anything and everything. Some ladies and guys I know have their own private groups for sharing NSFW stuff. You don’t like it, you leave.

But this is not the case with just one group. Earlier we reported another such incident that happened with a prominent exchange’s female admin. If the groups are going to be accessible by everyone, the members better clarify their intentions in the beginning and let the people leave who are not comfortable. In an earlier case, the girl was added back to the group and trolled once again.

Things need to change. We represent 1.3 Billion people in the world. The youth who is bullish on Crypto need to also learn the common etiquette of a conversation with a stranger.

Cover Pic Source: The conversation

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