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Everything Koinex Changed in the Latest Update

Update – Koinex updated the fee structure after this blog was published. The same has been changed.

Yesterday, Koinex made a massive update on their platform and announced the same over a blog post. The exchange launched Crypto-to-Crypto trading pairs with both BTC and ETH.

However, there are few more updates on the platform that the post misses to convey.

Without further ado, here are the updates on Koinex after April 26.

1. No More Free Selling for INR Market

Sell orders on Koinex used to be free. Zero Fees. With the new update, the seller fees have been revised to 0.15% (earlier it was revised to 0.2%)

koinex finally begins charging seller fees
Trade fee of 0.2% applied

2. Zero Fee Trading on BTC and ETH Market

Maybe you are pissed about Koinex adding a seller fee. But you have something to look forward to as trading on Crypto-to-crypto market is absolutely free. Zero Fees. So start buying and selling using crypto markets. Also watch out for Arbitrage.

Koinex free trading on crypto markets
Koinex Trading Fees

3. Fixed Buyer Fees – No Rewards

Koinex rewarded high volume traders by reducing their trade fees in the old model. The Buyer fees started at 0.25% and went to 0.15%. Now, fixed at 0.15% for everyone.

koinex rewarded high volume traders
Koinex old Fee structure

4. Bye Bye Referrals

Koinex has closed the referrals now. Earlier, you could access your referrals under Profile menu, but not anymore. I guess there is anyway no one left to register.

Here’s a screenshot for the referral program to jog the memory of some users who managed to gain thousands of referrals.

koinex says bye to their referral program
The now discontinued referral program of Koinex

5. UI Changes

This one you might have noticed. Koinex changed the User interface for the trading website for a longer history of orders, segregated order book for buy and sell orders and basically moving everything around a little bit.

New UI changes. Source: Koinex

Koinex has changed a lot since its inception. While many users are ready to brace the change, someone really miss the old UI. If you are one from the later group, you can check out the original Koinex Tutorials and relive the old days.

Are you happy with the new features of Koinex? Let us know in the comments below:

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