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Bitcoin Mining in Space as Company Sends a Miner 35000 Meters High

We don’t yet know about moon, but Bitcoin (Mining) just went to Space.

A Crypto company sent Bitcoin Miner to the edge of Space with the help of an High Altitude Balloon. The miner reached 35000 Meters, in the stratosphere before landing on Earth in a field.

Space PR Stunt

Miner One launched their Special ASIC miner into space on Monday, they call it “Space Miner One (SMO)”. Miner One calls itself a community of people who want to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Space PR stunt is an effort to “mine bitcoin in the Earth’s stratosphere as a symbol of bitcoin’s potential in 2018″, hoping for the price to go beyond 35000.

space miner one up for launch
Getting ready for launch. Source: Facebook/MinerOne

The large balloon filled with hydrogen has a parachute attached. It carries special ASIC mining equipment, including two ASIC USB Block Erupters, connected to “a Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer, a battery, and a satellite phone” which “are all placed inside the carbon fibre SMO capsule … along with a souvenir metal bitcoin” miner one detailed.

Along with it goes a navigation and tracking equipment with thermo-insulation and an independent power supply. There are three cameras on-board.

How does it work?

The Hydrogen filled balloon will take the equipment up in space. Right at 35000 Meters approximately, the gas inside the balloon will expand and later the balloon bursts.

The parachute is deployed to bring the equipment safely to Earth. All this while the ASIC miner connected to internet via the satellite connection will mine Bitcoin. It is presumed that it can mine around 1 Satoshi of Bitcoin in about 2 and half hours that the whole process will take.

Space miner One from distance. Source: Facebook/MinerOne

If you are wondering that this must be the craziest thing to be sent in Space using a High Altitude balloon, you may be wrong. Besides the world record of humans jumping from space with the use of these latex space flights, some kids a few years ago even sent a doughnut in space. Unfortunately, the doughnut was not recovered, but the go pro sent along with it was found unharmed.

Doughnut in Space. Circa: 2015. Source: Youtube/Stratolys

Mining in Space. Possible?

If you really put your head to it, you can see that mining Cryptocurrency in space could really be profitable. The constant power supply from Solar energy and the the freezing temperatures of space makes a good blend for profitable mining. Space flights are getting cheaper with reusable rockets and innovations from private companies. This might as well become a profitable venture for investors.

Do you think Bitcoin Mining is possible in Space? What do you think about Miner One’s PR stunt? Let us know in the comments below

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