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Support for EOS and TRON Migration, BCH Hardfork Announced by Coindelta

A lot of big events are coming up in the near future.

  • May 15 – BCH hardfork also known as the Protocol Upgrade
  • June 02 – EOS Main network launch
  • June 21 – TRON (TRX) main network launch

While the BCH holders don’t have to necessarily do anything, the exchanges and wallets providers need to upgrade their software. On the other hand, both EOS and TRX main net launch means the ERC-20 tokens will render useless after a successful launch.

To avoid losing your cryptocurrency, EOS holders must register their addresses before the main net launch, if you are holding your tokens in a private wallet. EOS foundation will take a snapshot of the holdings on the registered addresses to distribute the new mainnet coins.

If your tokens are on an exchange, they need to support the migration. So far only one exchange in India has announced support for the main net launch.

Coindelta Announces Support

The first Indian Exchange to announce support for all three events is Coindelta. In a new post published earlier today by Business Head Shubham Yadav, Coindelta has set out guidelines and event timelines for all three instances. Users do not have to do anything besides holding/moving their coins before the Deposits/Withdrawals are suspended for the particular coin.

While Coindelta is the first exchange, we hope other exchanges make the announcement soon to avoid any issues in the future for their users.

Here’s the timeline of events that will take place on Coindelta

BCH Hard Fork:
May 15th 3:30 PM IST:
 BCH deposits and withdrawals will be suspended
May 15th 9:30 PM IST: BCH hard fork
Stable BCH Network: BCH deposits and withdrawals will resume

EOS Mainnet Migration:
June 1st 11:59 PM IST:
 EOS deposits and withdrawals will be suspended
June 3rd 3:29:29 AM IST: EOS will become fixed on Ethereum Blockchain
One week after the EOS Blockchain Launch: EOS deposits and withdrawals will resume

TRX Mainnet Migration:
June 21st:
 TRX deposits and withdrawals will be suspended
June 21st — June 25th: TRX mainnet swap
After successful migration: TRX deposits and withdrawals will resume

Are you holding your EOS in exchanges or registering for the main net yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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