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Day One Consensus 2018: Lambos, Listings, Launches and News

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fasten your seatbelts because a lot has happened on Day 1 of the Consensus 2018.

Lambos for the show

Many Lambos were seen parked in front of the Consensus venue, which were mistaken for being those of Bitcoin whales. In reality they were placed strategically by a New Jersey-based car rental service, Broadway Supercars, to gain attention and make a statement.

Market Tastes Green

BTC/USD pair saw an increase of $400 by the end of the day (IST), at the time of this writing BTC is $8721, nicely done.

Altcoin like ZCASH did exceptionally well after the news of listing on Winklevoss twins’ Gemini exchange. But there were no other specific catalysts to the market movement as more altcoins like ETH, ENG, GCC kept rising slowly. It possibly just shrugged off the Monday Blues.

In other News

  • Consensus recorded an attendance of 8500 people. The price of the ticket is $2000 on average. Coindesk just raised $17 Million from Consensus alone.
  • Gemini exchange will list Zcash, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash starting May 19. Gemini received approval to list a privacy coin Zcash, the news set the market up trend for Zcash
  • New York City Economic Development corporation (NYCEDC) announced intentions to make New York City a Blockchain Hub.
  • Former JP Morgan Chase blockchain developers, Amber Baldet and Patrick Mylund Nielson will launch a DAPP (decentralised App) store called Clovyr
  • Aion to launch a “Token Bridge” to connect blockchains
  • ICON and Line Plus launch a Joint Venture ‘Unchain‘, a token based blockchain ecosystem.
  • GoTenna launches a BTC wallet that works without internet.

Some Quotes

  • “We’re in the the early adopter phase, but in the future, people don’t really want to know how the backend works… It has to work in a simple, easy way” – Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin on the challenges of UX at the Race towards interoperability
  • “Privacy is necessary for a free and open society, Privacy is not the same as secrecy” – Jameson Lopp, creator of
  • “No, blockchain won’t solve all your problems for you. It’s not this magical thing” – Jimmy Song, a partner at Blockchain Capital
  • “For cross-border shipments, ‘trust’ is legal requirement for every transaction. What blockchain has is a potential for the first time ever to make the information available for everybody,” Fred Smith, Chairman and CEO of FedEX

Jokes Apart

A group of [fake] protesters were seen on the streets under the title “Bankers against Bitcoin”. The elaborate joke was the brainchild of Genesis Mining who have been behind many such pranks in the past.

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