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Yet Another Trading Competition, worth 80000 Achain this time

Trading competitions have become the working solution for bringing traders to the exchanges. A lot of Indian exchanges have already introduced their own trading competitions and some of them were massive.

Joining the race now is Coindelta with a new launch ACT – Achain.

At the time of this writing Achain price is around Rs. 17, making the total reward of the competition around 80000 ACT worth Rs. 13.6 lakhs.

Winners get

You can win some ACT if you are in the top 500 traders. The first 10 on the leaderboard will receive 3000 ACT worth approximately Rs. 51000. The next 40 traders will win 500 ACT followed by 100 ACT for next 150 traders and 50 ACT for 300 Traders after that.

There will also be a leaderboard to keep track of your rankings.

Date and Time

The competition starts the same time as ACT goes live, 4 PM today. It will end on May 29 3:59 PM.

ACT deposits will go live at 2:00 PM today.

It is good to see Indian exchanges doing such giveaways, the traders stand to benefit a lot. But as a warning, always be mindful of the amount you are investing.

Will you be participating in the Coindelta Trading Competition? Let us know in the competition below

Visit Coindelta:

Disclaimer: This is not a trading advise. Please do your research before investing. 

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