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The First “Trading League”, Because Trading Competitions are a thing of the past

“We wrote a medium post on our new trading league”, Sumit Gupta told me over the phone. Sumit is the founder of crypto-to-crypto exchange CoinDCXWhat the heck is a trading league? I thought to myself before checking it out.

There are so many kinds of competition packed into one post that I had to read it thrice to get it right. It is a league of trading competitions for sure.

Anyway, as all our trading competition posts go, lets get straight to what the competition is all about.

Competition 1 – Trading Contest

CoinDCX is listing 20 new coins/tokens, one each day from June 7 to June 27. So, the total trading volume across all these 20 coins will be considered for the prize.

Highest Trader – Highest trader gets an iPhone. Top 20 highest traders will get Rs. 1000/- worth of trade fees back.

Most Profitable Trader – The most profitable trader across all 20 coins combined together will get a Samsung Galaxy S9. Now, this is a first time I am seeing someone being rewarded for being profitable. I am not sure how good that would be because the tendencies to win trading competitions tend to be surrounding losing a little money to win a lot more.

Competition 2 – Daily Winners

Since CoinDCX is launching one Coin a day. The trading rewards are about highest traders for that particular day on that particular coin. So if they launch ACT today, the highest trading reward goes to people who trade ACT.

Highest Trading Reward:

Top trader gets Rs. 7000/- worth of that coin/token

Second and third highest trader gets Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 3000/- worth of that coin/token.

Remember, this is a daily price for the coin/token listed on that day.

Registration Bonus

Anyone registering with Coindcx and making one trade in any coin will get Rs. 200 worth of that coin.

The Other rewards pertain around referral bonus and sharing their post on social media. The highest referrers gets PayTM cash of Rs. 3000/- so if you’re interested in that you can register here.

You can share this post on twitter with hashtag #DCXTradingLeague and tagging @coincrunchin and I’ll ask CoinDCX to consider your entries for the T-shirt contest too.


From June 7 to June 27. One coin listed each day at 9 AM.

Daily Reward trading – 11 AM to 11 PM

Visit CoinDCX

Will you be trading on CoinDCX Trading League? Let us know in the comment below

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