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WazirX’s Move to Increase Trade in Crypto-to-Crypto Market with a trading competition

WazirX’s ‘highest Trader Contest‘ is back, but this time it is a ‘marathon’ and it is in a different market. The exchange has announced a new trading competition in the BTC market.

The competition is open for traders trading on any BTC based Crypto to Crypto market. It appears that ahead of the RBI’s deadline, WazirX like other incumbents is trying to transition the users to crypto-to-crypto trading.

For what its worth, the trading fees for the entire duration of competition will be ZERO.

Winners Get:

The highest trader gets Rs. 20000 worth of Bitcoin (0.0434 BTC) and 20000 WRX coins. They have finally put a use case for WRX tokens too. One of them is discount on Trade fees. But lets leave that for another day.

The funny thing is that 10 rankers after the highest ranker will only get Rs. 1000 worth of Bitcoin or 0.021 BTC to be precise. But you can get between 1000 and 10000 WRX tokens. So the fight for the top is going to get ugly, very ugly.

  • 1st: 10,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 2nd: 9,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 3rd: 8,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 4th: 7,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 5th: 6,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 6th: 5,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 7th: 4,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 8th: 3,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 9th: 2,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)
  • 10th: 1,000 WRX + ₹1,000 worth BTC (0.0021 BTC)


Only trades in BTC markets will be counted. Which means only the trades in the following markets will be counted


Also, WazirX has put out a condition on the trade volume. For the top price you must have completed 2.1 BTC trade and for the other 10 prizes, trader must completed 0.21 BTC worth of trade.


The competition is going to last 4 days.

From June 19 – 9 AM to June 22 – 9 PM.

Will you be participating in the WazirX trading competition? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This is not a trading advise. Please do your research before investing. 

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