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Can we Trust Media? – Websites Take Down Story on Amit Shah

This article is not a crypto-related news article. But this is on those we stand against – Mainstream media.

At the end of the day, employees fear for their jobs. Whether its journalists, editors, reporters or producers. Your instincts and logic will constantly tell you to be careful, you need to feed your tummy. Putting out a story which is against the interests of your company can cost you your job. Perhaps that is the reason we are reading such reports.

Today, journalism has reached levels where a major breaking news is being taken off of the media websites. The Wire reported a story on Amit Shah was taken down on Reliance owned and Firstpost. Additionally it was also taken down on Times Now and New Indian Express.

The Story of Amit Shah That Smells Bad

Earlier today, an RTI based report started floating around on the internet. The RTI reveals that a co-operative bank in Gujarat, Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank (ADCB) secured deposits of Rs 745.59 crore of the spiked notes – in just five days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the demonetisation announcement.

All the district co-operative banks were then banned from changing/depositing the now defunct 500 and 1000 Rupee notes. This order came after 5 days of NaMo’s DeMo announcement. In those 5 days, this one bank ADCB managed to secure Rs. 745.59 Crore worth of notes, possibly converting black money into white money.

Amit Shah, the party president of BJP is the director of this bank. He has also held the position of chairman of ADCB in the past. When the news broke, people began accusing Shah of corruption. and facilitation a way to convert black money to white. A Hashtag #ShahZyadaKhaGaya is now trending on top on Twitter.

This story was published by prominent media outlets, even shared and later DELETED.

wire report amit shah stories deleted on news18, indian express and times now

Why did the Media houses publish the story in the first place? One word Answer: Agencies.

We have discussed this in an earlier post about how most NEWS reach all media houses, they are sent by agencies

News Agency IANS Broke the Story

IANS – Indo Asian News Service broke the RTI based story today. As news agencies do, the story must have been sent to all media houses. Media outlets cannot edit the stories sent by agencies. They have to publish them as is, with an exception to change headline or cover image.

All the news outlets publish agency based stories without heavy due diligence. My guess is that the desk staff at these media houses published the stories as is and then it almost broke the internet. That’s when the editors ran for damage control and got these stories removed from the world wide web.

But nothing goes truly unnoticed on the Lord Almighty internet. Soon individuals and publications started calling out on these media outlets. It may be a trending topic now, but judging by the past history of BJP’s, I can assure you that a new topic sponsored by the BJP will soon start trending on social media. If it doesn’t I will be the happiest to know that the public won this round.

Why is Coin Crunch Publishing the story?

There is one important reason. We believe in fair journalism and while there are many players out there sharing the story, we wanted to do our bit today. We are dedicated to crypto news but today we need to focus on the government’s ability to pull off stunts.

The current government has many critics for their failed promises, shoddy claims and most importantly using technology to spread fake news. The grip that the government holds on social media and other media to brainwash our citizens is worrisome. So we wanted to do our bit in spreading the news that they will try to shut down with their power.

You cannot kill the truth, you can bury it and we must do everything we can to stop that.

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