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You can now Tip Bitcoin (BTC) on Telegram Groups

Earlier today we added a new bot to our telegram discussions group @CoinCrunchin. The bot allows you to start tipping BTC to fellow users in the group.

Tips have been a long standing tradition in humanity across multiple societies. When you do a good deed, you should be rewarded. Often times good deeds go unrewarded because we don’t have an easy solution to send a tip.

But with this tipping bot developed by Indiabits, you can tip easily and as little as 1 Satoshi – 0.00000001 BTC. All of it in real time.

how to tip bitcoin on telegram
A user Raj @shadymonster tips Naimish 0.00000001 BTC

Why Tip?

  • If a user on our telegram group has helped you with an issue or resolved your query, you can keep them motivated to do more by tipping them
  • If someone shared an amazing insight or an exclusive news, you can reward their work.
  • A user may have spent their own funds to test something out for the benefit of the community, you and others can tip him/her to reimburse the cost
  • Or just do it to try out the bot and have fun with it.

Tips can encourage good content sharing. Remember: Every Satoshi Counts.

About the Tip Bot

The Tip bot is built and maintained by Indiabits, a community of Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts in India. Indiabits maintains a mysql database of users which is updated when users send or receive tips. Tips are sent without fees. Coin Crunch India is the first one to use the Indiabits tips bot outside of Indiabits’ own telegram group.

The bot is not decentralised. Indiabits is the trusting entity that maintains your Bitcoin balances. Tips are meant to be small denominations, do not transfer huge amounts as tips. 

How to Use the Tip Bot


Send a message “/register” while on the Coincrunch group. This will generate a unique BTC address for your username. Since the BTC address is associated with the username, ensure that you withdraw all funds before changing your username

Deposit Bitcoin

Before you begin tipping people, you need to fund your BTC address. On @Indiabitstipsbot you can find your BTC address. There are no fees for deposits and it requires 2-3 confirmations on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Send Tip

You can send a tip using a reply. If you want to tip a user, send a reply to his/her message of post and write “Tip <amount>” in the reply. If you want to tip me 100 satoshis, you can reply to my message by writing “Tip 0.000001”.

You can also add a reason or message for the tip like Tip 0.000001 thank you for your help.


You can withdraw your BTC to another BTC wallet by sending a direct message to @Indiabitstipsbot “/Withdraw <BTC address> <amount>”

Withdrawal fee: 0.00001 BTC. Minimum amount: 0.0001


You can send “/help” message to the @Indiabitstipsbot directly to get any help you need.

Start Tipping

We have already deployed the bot and people have started using it. Go to the group and start tipping users for their efforts.

Coin Crunch India Telegram Group

Indiabits Telegram Group

Update: The bot details were updated. 

What do you think about the Tips Bot? Let us know in the comments below

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