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Current Status of INR Deposits and Withdrawals Across Exchanges

In light of the RBI regulations, many exchanges are shutting down their INR Deposits and Withdrawal services while some have assured the service will remain operational.

The INR service on these exchanges can abruptly be disabled. Be vigilant. 

The below table will be updated regularly for the current status of INR across exchanges. If we have missed out on an update, do hit us up on Twitter DM.

The Status of INR and its Alternatives on Indian Exchanges

Exchange INR Status/Alternative
Giottus INR Deposits and withdrawals live
Pocketbits INR Withdrawals only
BitBns P2P exchange for INR
Coindelta P2P Exchange for INR
Oxybit  INR deposits and withdrawals Live
Instashift P2P Exchange
Koinex P2P Exchange for INR
Pexo USD Market with Perfect Money
WazirX P2P Exchange
Zecoex P2P Exchange
BuyUcoin Both Disabled
Coinome Both Disabled
KoinOK Both Disabled
Unocoin Both Disabled
Zebpay Exchange Shut Down

Last Updated – October 09, 2018 3:10 PM

  1. Pexo Exchange has launched USD markets. You can deposit Perfect Money (PM), an e-currency equal to USD, that can be purchased from online and offline currency exchanges with INR.
  2. WazirX P2P exchange allows you to buy and sell USDT
  3. Zecoex P2P allows you to buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies, including ZINR – a native coin with value equal to INR fiat.
  4. Koinex P2P exchange Loop allows you to buy and sell BTC, ETH and XRP
  5. Coindelta P2P exchange Flux allows BTC, ETH, XRP and USDT

To know other Peer to Peer exchanges check the article below:

Best P2P Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins in India

Approximate Time Taken By Exchanges

The time estimates are based on exchange websites or communication with the team.

  1. Pocketbits processes withdrawals of over Rs. 50000 in 3 days
  2. Bitbns processes withdrawals in four hours in banking hours
  3. Oxybit processes withdrawal within one working day



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