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More Exchanges Come up with Plan B to Circumvent RBI

It hasn’t even been a week since the RBI ‘Banking Ban’ has gone into effect. Many banks are now freezing incoming transactions on Cryptocurrency exchange accounts and hence the exchanges have disabled the deposits and withdrawals of INR.

On the other hand, many exchanges have come up with their own innovative solutions to circumvent the Plan B. We made the first list of exchanges that are planning on launching Peer-to-peer exchanges, launching a stable coin market, rely on crypto to crypto markets or a combination of two or more of these.

A Short Recap

  • Coindelta’s plan is to launch a USDT stable coin market and make 4 crypto available to buy using INR on their P2p exchange Flux, due to launch mid July.
  • Koinex is following a similar direction but the stable coin listed on Koinex is TUSD (true USD). Koinex’s Loop is under testing as of now.
  • WazirX launched their P2P exchange for USDT trading with INR and launched a USDT market for buying and selling other cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitbns has not made any plans public yet.

More Exchanges Make Plan B

Since the time we published that article, a few more exchanges have come up with solutions for their own, some just like the others, some vastly different.

Important Disclaimer: I personally believe that sharing feedback helps improve a product. The below examples are not fully functional products and they could use the community’s help to improve. Read about them and do get in touch with them with your feedback. 

Perfect Money on Pexo

Perfect money is a lending platform with its own e-currency called PM – perfect money which is equivalent to USD. 1 PM = 1 USD.

Pexo is an Indian exchange that from Monday July 16, will start accepting PM currency as deposits.

You as a trader must find an offline or online exchanger that can convert your INR for PM and deposit PM to Pexo for trading.

Where can you find such exchanges that convert INR to PM? There is a link of PerfectMoney, but I don’t know which one is the best.

All in all, if the process is streamlined, the idea is that you can walk into an offline forex exchange nearby, give them your INR, take an e-voucher with PM balance, deposit it to Pexo exchange and start trading crypto with USD prices. The concept sounds intriguing, but we will only know more details once Pexo releases a Demo of the process.

If you have questions or wanna share feedback, go to Pexo’s telegram group

Zecoex P2P Exchange

Zecoex is a UK based exchange and I had no idea of its existence until one day I started seeing listing messages on our telegram group. They discontinued INR deposits and withdrawals on their exchange after July 6, 2018 and later launched a Peer to Peer exchange.

I am still testing it out and helping the team sort the kinks out. I do this as a free service for many exchanges. If you want to try Zecoex, let me tell you it is not perfect. For instance, look at the order highlighted in the below picture. He is selling BTC at a rate of 10 INR/BTC. Obviously it isn’t intentional, he probably placed the order to sell 0.00001952 BTC for Rs. 10.

Someone is selling BTC for INR 10 on Zecoex

Zecoex requires KYC before you can access the exchange, but you can start trading even when the KYC is not approved. Again, something I discovered and reported. It may change soon.

They even have their own coin called ZINR, a stable coin pegged with INR.

My opinion:

Although the exchange is not new, their P2P features are pretty new requires work. I wouldn’t advice to go all in on it right now, but you can help them improve their platform by leaving them feedback on their telegram group

We will update this post with more Plan Bs of the exchanges.

What do you think about Perfect Money Plan of Pexo and a ZINR stable coin plan of Zecoex? Let us know in the comments below

Cover Image: alphastockimages under creative commons license CC BY-SA 3.0

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