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Coins and Tokens – Omni Channel Crypto Advertising Network

Coins and Tokens (CNT) is an initiative by Effective Marketing LLC, having its head office in the US, to bring the best of the programmatic advertising technology to the crypto world. CNT’s proprietary programmatic technology matched with a global service footprint can help crypto companies raise investment for their blockchain based solutions through digital marketing on crypto as well as non-crypto traffic from websites and mobile apps.

CNT solution is customized for early stage blockchain start-up to help raise investment through the token sale route at any stage of the ICO, be it seed, pre-sale or a public sale stage. Whether you are a crypto exchange or a product company moving to a decentralized network or just another start-up in the crypto space, the team at CNT has got you covered.

CNT’s seasoned team located in the US and Asia has over 40 years of combined experience in performance-based digital advertising. CNT’s expertise in media planning and buying helps put your digital marketing dollars at work in the right direction, maximizing overall ROI from your campaigns.

Crypto Traffic Exchange

The team at CNT understands that the success of the blockchain based solution lies in the strength of the community that you build around your product idea and early adoption. CNT’s media strategy is customized around identifying quality users on global crypto & non-crypto sites and apps and acquire them through retargeting.

While there are a multitude of options available in the market to promote, ranging from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc, CNT is leveraging their direct publisher & network relationships built over last one decade to acquire new users outside of Google or Facebook.

High-performance Crypto Ad Formats

CNT’s high-performance ad formats are hand-picked after years of success in the programmatic domain and can deliver the requisite results and ROI for you. Some of these formats include

  • In Banner Video Ads
  • Contextual or Native Ads
  • Mobile Full-Screen Interstitials

Targeting and Re-targeting Capabilities

The CNT platform provides extensive targeting & reporting options based on Country / State / City / Carriers / IP Ranges / Lat-Long/ OS / OS Versions / Domain URL / Bundle Ids / Device Identifiers.  The CNT platform also supports cookie sync and device id-based retargeting through the use of 1st party and 3rd party data.

What more, their seasoned team of experts work with you 24×7 to help set up your campaigns, recommend the optimization needed to your campaigns and open up new possibilities to acquire users.

Why choose Coins and Tokens?

There are three main reasons to choose Coins and Tokens over others

  • CNT’s experts who get involved during your media planning stage to define how much you should allocate for digital marketing and on what channels
  • State of the art technology with advance retargeting capabilities, which is perfected from years of core programmatic experience
  • Option to buy traffic from crypto properties and apps as well as from non-crypto site and apps through their global marketplace

In order to get started, please get in touch with [email protected]. Advertisers can register for a new account on Advertiser Sign Up and publishers can register on Publisher Sign Up

Disclaimer: This is a press release from the company Coins and Tokens. Coin Crunch India may not agree with the views shared in the PR, we strongly advise users to do their own research before taking a financial decision. 

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