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HyperQuant Automatic Trading Platform Development Update

Meet HyperQuant, a fintech software platform made by professional market makers and traders on NASDAQ, Artificial Intelligence researchers and Blockchain engineers. The platform is based on the Fast Order Delivery protocol and supported by several major institutional investors. The platform aims to become an Amazon for all possible trading strategies, financial dApps and constant proving grounds for the best and most successful portfolios.

But don’t tend to treat this as complicated highly specialised stuff. With the help of simple and clear application everyone can easily choose the appropriate digital asset management portfolio and even test it during mortal battle against other users.

Here you can familiarize with the feature video:

For hedge-funds, crypto exchanges and ICOs HyperQuant can offer shared liquidity and solution for providing (Market Making) software for DAF (Decentralized Autonomous Funds), technologies and services for crypto exchanges and hedging algorithms. For quant traders and developers – quantitative framework and SDK, trading algorithm constructor, act as market data vendor and provide market data storage. The team of the project has an extensive experience in trading, risk-management and portfolio management. Pavel Pavchenko​, HyperQuant`s CEO is a professional quant trader and portfolio manager from the second largest stock exchange in Russia — Saint-Petersburg Exchange.

KuCoin exchange​ and HyperQuant recently announced a partnership, aimed to the implementation of the international best practices to modernize exchange’s protocol and make it the most advanced technological trading platform in the market. Furthermore, HyperQuant quant traders and KuCoin experts are planning to create professional crypto indexes together.

Along with KuCoin HyperQuant was highly recognised and accepted by such exchanges as LBank, Bitkub, and GAEA. For the platform of such scale partnerships with the major exchanges is the very important factor for development. The trust in the project is very high especially in Asia and is shared not only by the exchanges, but also by institutional investors and cryptofunds, as Acropolis Capital, Phoenix Global Capital, Horman Capital and others. Partnership with cryptoexchanges is also a key point for almost any fintech project.

Platform’s portfolio of trading algorithms is already live and actively trading. These are different market strategies, some are active from the beginning of the 2018 and are showing significant profit.

The security of the platform is backed by the immutable Ethereum blockchain wherein maintaining traffic and computationally efficiency by utilizing the cryptographic proofs of knowledge (merkle proofs) so users can audit their operations and be sure that all actions were actually taken on the crypto exchange.This concept was designed by another team member – Nikolay Volf​. He worked on Parity Ethereum Client since before its initial release, pioneered Rust and WebAssembly blockchain applications along with the involvement in Polkadot project.

In addition to Pavel and Nikolay HyperQuant is supported by the whole star team of professionals and solid advisors.

Richard Yun​ brings his experience and insights as a COO of Coinplug and co-founder of Metadium. Richard is a successful entrepreneur with deep expertise in Finance, M&A and Operations.

Andrew Fai, ​founder and CEO of Y0G1, currently consults for Taiwan Legislative Yuan and other financial institutions on matters relating to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech and Strategy. He is also the Co-Chair of Asia Blockchain Summit, the largest blockchain conference ever by number of attendants in Asia.

HyperQuant is very popular in Asia with constantly growing community of fans and bakers, as well as institutional investors and corporations: ‘The cooperation with HyperQuant is taking a step further than our competitors, as we concentrate on building a bright ecosystem with HyperQuant and move toward a blockchain-agnostic stage’, – noted Micheal, CEO of KuCoin​.

HyperQuant stays active and promptly recognizes hype subjects and popular trends. One of these fresh events is trading-mining skyrocketing in Asia. HyperQuant is already launched a trading-mining application​. It is a new software for automated trading-mining on Fcoin exchange based on the innovative trading algorithms, which allows to perform a trading operations while “mining” exchange`s coins. Other exchanges like Coinbene and Coinex should be added to the application capacity shortly.

By the closed sale round the project had already reached the soft cap ​and now aiming for a hard cap via public round. HyperQuant opened a public sale round on July 30 and will run till the August​ 08 and welcomes everyone to participate!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release with forward looking statement. Coin Crunch may or may not agree with the opinion shared in the press release. We advice our readers to do their own research before investing. 

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