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Trading Competition: Alluma Offers reward of upto $5500

New Cryptocurrency exchange Alluma that recently went live with a public beta version of the exchange is all set to launch a trading competition starting Wednesday.

The top 20 traders with the highest trade volume during the competition period will share the reward pool. Rewards will be paid in both Bitcoin ($BTC) and Alluma ($LUMA) tokens.

Interestingly, 50% of your referrals trade volume will be added to your total as well. If you trade for 1 BTC and a referred user trades 1 BTC, your total trade volume to be considered for the competition will be 1.5 BTC.

Winners Get

1st Place: 0.03 BTC and 20,000 LUMA (~₹82,000 or $1,190 USD)

2nd Place: .012 BTC + 10,000 LUMA (~₹40,000 or $580 USD)

3rd Place: .012 BTC + 9,000 LUMA (~₹36,500 or $530 USD)

4th Place: .012 BTC + 8,000 LUMA (~₹33,000 or $480 USD)

5th Place: .012 BTC + 7,000 LUMA (~₹29,500 or $430 USD)

6th Place: .012 BTC + 6,000 LUMA (~₹26,000 or $375 USD)

7th Place: .012 BTC + 5,000 LUMA (~₹23,000 or $335 USD)

8th Place: .012 BTC + 4,000 LUMA (~₹19,500 or $280 USD)

9th Place: .012 BTC + 3,000 LUMA (~₹16,000 or $230 USD)

10th Place: .012 BTC + 2,000 LUMA (~₹12,500 or $180 USD)

11th — 20th Place: .006 BTC + 1,000 LUMA (~₹6,000 or $480 USD)

Date and Time

The competition starts on August 08, at 12 PM IST and ends on August 11, at 12 PM IST


Much like every competition, even Alluma has set some rules for you to be eligible to participate and win.

  • Minimum trade volume – 0.1 BTC
  • Wash Trading Not Allowed
  • Referred Users must have completed ID verification

You can register on Alluma by clicking here

Will you be participating in Alluma’s trading competition? Let us know in the comments below. 


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