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First Look: Crypto Vision is not just another Arbitraging App

“We could add your news feed to our app”, the telegram user behind ‘Vishan Studios’ texted. “That would be great”, I replied. He went on to ask if I had any suggestions, I didn’t, because I hadn’t seen the app.

Exactly a month later, today, after using their app for a while and sharing my feedback, I am ready to review the app for our readers. It is called Crypto Vision, but you already knew that from the title, didn’t you?

A lot of times, I try to send feedback personally to developers before I review the app. Many times you wouldn’t even see the flaws in the system that I reported. They are corrected before I post the article. The reason is, if I am going to review something, it must be add value to the reader, else what’s the point? If it’s a bad product, I won’t review it and you will never know about it from Coin Crunch.

Moving on from ideological discussion, let me tell you something about Crypto Vision

Yet another Arbitraging App?

You’ve heard of many arbitraging apps on Coin Crunch India. Crypto Vision belongs to the same category. It is, on the surface, an app that shows you how much profit you can make if you buy a cryptocurrency on one exchange and sell it on another. But it has a few tricks up its sleeve, especially with the UI. 

Screen Grabs from Crypto Vision

Top Profitable Coins

The section shows 4-8 highest profitable coins in arbitrage among the exchanges listed right below the section. If you click on any coins on the list of 50 coins that follows, you can see the best possible arbitraging options based on their INR value on exchanges. 

Multiple coins and exchange prices for Arbitrage

Clicking on the ‘₹’ symbol will take you to a new window, where you can enter the volume of trade to know the exact profit you stand to make. But, there is a limitation of choice here. You cannot choose the exchanges. It gives you the best option for arbitrage and you can just change the volume. 

Calculating Arbitrage profit on Crypto Vision
Arbitraging Profit calculator

Top Crypto News

In addition to arbitraging, Crypto Vision also provides top Crypto news. Right now, you can also call it ‘Coin Crunch News’, because they have only integrated our website right now. Crypto Vision will integrate few more news site in future. 

Coin Crunch News on Crypto Vision

Final Word

Crypto Vision is still evolving. It provides the arbitrage information between a few exchanges. Only six exchanges are being tracked right now. vishan Studios need to add a few more exchanges. The data is refreshed timely without issues as well. 

Secondly, with the INR deposits and withdrawals closed on Zebpay, the best arbitrage will always show with Zebpay, so I believe an option to calculate arbitrage across other exchanges will help too.

I cannot praise the UI enough though. The pure black looks fabulous on mobile and the contrasting blue/green for the text gives it a very crisp and modern look. I really love the UI. Also, you can read coin crunch India news on Crypto Vision too. 

You can download the app from here

What do you think of Crypto Vision? Let us know in the comments below

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