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Forget Trading, KoinOK exchange has been writing some very helpful Articles

If you don’t know what KoinOK is, you must be living under a rock. KoinOK is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange that has listed some coins and tokens exclusively in India and has introduced the only dual referral program. It is also the only exchange that did not migrate to Tron Mainnet and delisted TRX.

But, today let us spend some time pondering on WHAT the exchange is doing. After the RBI banking ban came into effect, KoinOK stopped INR deposits and withdrawals and began focusing on crypto-to-crypto trading. Interestingly, KoinOK has also been busy in writing some cryptocurrency and blockchain related articles and you can find them lurking in your inbox if you are registered user. 

Some Emails from KoinOK

Variety of Subjects

KoinOK writes on various subjects within Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space. From ICO marketing to ICO reviews, from summarising books to publishing case studies, some posts on tips and tricks, some on the negatives of the ecosystem. Team KoinOK seems to be everywhere. 

I believe each and every one of the posts on the Blog, is worth reading. Some of them are even worth making notes from. On one post, KoinOK has listed all International Youtube influencers for ICO marketing. In another post, KoinOK has summarised ‘The Bitcoin Standard’, a book by Saifedean Ammous in 133 quotes. 

Sadly though, I did not see Coin Crunch India anywhere. Maybe we aren’t worthy of a write up just yet. Jokes apart, I would recommend giving KoinOK’s blog a read. This is not a promotion, I genuinely have better things to do than writing about a site that can give us serious competition. But as I always say, we are all in this together. So all knowledge and all information sharing avenues must be appreciated. 

You can find KoinOK blog on Medium @KoinOK 

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