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Exclusive: Optional KYC, Zero Fee and other Features of Coindelta’s Flux 2.0

Coindelta is introducing a major update for its Peer to Peer exchange Flux. The exchange revealed the new features Flux, version 2.0 exclusively to Coin Crunch. The new Flux will be releasing this week and an official announcement should be going out anytime today. 

Some New features of Flux 2.0

  • Optional KYC (lower limits)
  • Zero trading fee for one month
  • Trade limits per order increased to Rs. 10 lacs from Rs. 50000
  • Anonymous calls and chat service between traders
  • SMS alerts for orders
  • User Reputation improvement based on successful trades, failed disputes and ‘other’ parameters

Unique Remarks for Transaction

What do you enter in the remarks section when you transfer money to the seller during a P2P transaction? You should not write Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as this may be flagged at the bank. On Flux, a remark will be prompted from the exchange to both buyers and sellers. Buyer must enter the remark while transferring the money so seller can easily identify the transaction and release the crypto quickly. 

Additionally, the one click call feature is good and we are seeing it be deployed to multiple P2P exchanges. It allows buyers and sellers to call each other without revealing their phone numbers and sort out if there is an issue or just chat about the weather while buyer transfers the money. 

About Coindelta Flux:

Flux is a peer to peer exchange by Pune based Coindelta exchange offering P2P trading of BTC, ETH, XRP and USDT. Coindelta has over 30 coins and tokens listed on the exchange that can be traded with USDT. Flux is a gateway for users to acquire either of the four cryptocurrencies with INR and later convert it to any other token/coin.

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Disclaimer: A referral link to the exchange have been added. It does not impact the experience of the readers. 

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