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Here’s How You can Donate Cryptocurrency to Kerala Relief

Kerala is witnessing the worst flooding in 100 years. Over 324 people have died, several thousands are injured and millions have been displaced or lost everything they had in the flood. In this need of the hour, the nation is coming together to help Kerala in every way possible. 

From donating money directly to Kerala relief fund to sending tangible goods and non-perishable food items to site, many of our citizens have banded together in the massive co-ordinated effort. Our Army, Navy and NDRF are working round the clock for rescue operations in the area.

It is also equally important to spread the word and create awareness. Social media has been a massive help in spreading the minute by minute updates and requirement lists from the ground. Multiple donation avenues have opened up. 

PayTM has added a donation link to their homepage. The Ken has one in the notification bar. Amazon is allowing you to purchase goods that will be shipped to reputed organisations working on ground in Kerala. You can also checkout the official site for Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) to directly donate INR to the relief. 

It was then that some Crypto enthusiasts in India decided to step in and create avenues for Cryptocurrency traders to contribute to the relief efforts as well. After all public blockchains provide highest level of transparency. Each transaction is visible on the blockchain, increasing accountability for those who are accepting donations. Here’s how you can donate Cryptocurrency to Kerala’s relief. 

Coindelta Helping Blocks

Coindelta exchange has created a smart contract for donating ETH. This will ensure the transparency and also to distribute a non transferrable token of appreciation called ‘Helping Blocks Token’ to everyone who contributes.

You can send ETH to the following address: 0x5255fd71e5ad9be04cdd5401c14a2765a99ccaf9 from your personal wallet or from exchanges such as Coindelta or Binance. Since this is a smart contract, remember to use gas limit of 70000 or higher.

In addition to this, Coindelta is donating Rs. 10 for every transaction that is done on their P2P platform Flux. Coindelta is aiming to make the contribution directly in Cryptocurrency by talking to the government, if it is not approved, they will convert the ETH to INR and send it. 

More Information can be found here:

Indiabits and PocketBits Kerala Relief

After Indiabits announced they are looking to partner with an exchange to help people donate cryptocurrencies from around the world to Kerala’s relief, it was Pocketbits that joined hands with them.

You can donate cryptocurrencies and tokens like BTC, BCH, LTC, USDT, ETH and ERC20 tokens, XRP, XTZ and TRX via pocketbits or send it to the respective addresses as below:

Crypto Address to Contribute

BTC   3AWu8QKH5TqvrswfbjVyAbnufCRfaHy9Bf
BCC(BCH)   qpedgmwdwxzadzrj3f4cu4aylvhujxt8xsrkj4w9j6
LTC   LKixyV4p8RgqPhamWS42uyLf45KSnBEjEw
USDT   1LNri4dkmxutDUqmKPhXETfbQR2yAkMWu8
ETH and ERC 20 tokens   0xD2528f64B5159D7B23760fBEf149c6072E044D0f
XTZ(Tezos)   tz1L5fsgYKWj5knDwUUt6GbtJkNrg5WcvBeL
TRX (TRON)   TCwiEkRR3UEUdSxQMa2USt1tnW3CsM6fg4

Pocketbits will immediately convert the donation to INR and later send half of all donations as fiat to the CMDRF. The other half will be used to buy essentials from Amazon and shipped to Goonj, the NGO working in the area. 

More Information can be found here:

Instashift Kerala Relief Funds

The co-founder of Instashift, Kalidasan is actually in Kochi right now. Before the Coindelta and Pocketbits donation pages were created, instashift was sending telegram messages to all the groups informing them “all fees on Instashift will be donated to Kerala Relief”. 

In addition to that, Instashift has now opened a donation page. You can donate BTC or ETH to Instashift. All the donations will be converted to INR and be used at the relief camp where Instashift colleagues are currently working. You can donate ETH to 0x0401ca5Ffc6AE2875115892f888E24AcF522E634 and BTC to 1nsta6YQK3WJm2pB8hurHp1sGgY1QhHJW

More information can be found here:


All donations will be visible on the blockchain. Once converted to fiat and donated, exchanges will publish the details of the same. Blockchain is a powerful tool to keep track of the flow of donations. We can now accept donations from around the world at a fraction of the cost compared to regular donations using credit cards or wire transfers. 

Cryptocurrency contributions can play a significant role in future disaster management donation drives and allow anyone to freely and anonymously be part of the massive campaign. We certainly hope that the government takes notice and officially allows donations of cryptocurrencies to any cause. We urge our readers to use these channels to make donations to Kerala, we the people of India, must work together during these hard times. We will surely come out stronger. 

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