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Alluma Exchange Launches Android App, Stable Coin, Updated Referral Program

Alluma exchange is back in action. After launching a bounty program and a public Beta with trading competition, the exchange has now introduced for few more features like an Android app, a new referral program and listing  a stable coin TUSD with more in pipeline. 

Android Mobile App

The Alluma app is currently live and can be downloaded from PlayStore. You can sign up and complete ID verification (Optional) directly from the app. 

Some of the features available on the website are integrated to the mobile app. The Portfolio Management tool where you can check your overall coin portfolio as well as individual coin wallets, in fiat currency equivalent is one such offering.

The Buy-Sell feature is once again borrowed from the website. It is a simple conversion from one cryptocurrency to another at fixed rate, as orderbooks are not visible on the app.

Lastly, you can send or receive cryptocurrency directly from the app.

Alluma App: Buy/Sell Page

TUSD Listing and More

Alluma has listed TUSD, a stable coin pegged to physical US Dollar. TUSD is an ERC20 token and is fully transparent and audited regularly to ensure that each token is actually backed with USD.

Since the exchange is a Crypto-to-Crypto exchange, a stable coin can mitigate certain amount of risk with trading cryptocurrency that comes with price volatility. Alluma will be listing more crypto assets trading and run trading competitions in the near future.

ETH based Referral Program

Alluma already has a referral program. They are calling the new update ‘ETH Supercharged Referral Program’. Users now earn more one-time ETH based bonus if they can successfully invite a larger group of users. 

If a user invites 5 friends, they receive 0.01 ETH bonus but a user who can invite 50 friends will receive 0.25 ETH bonus. Alluma has added ‘Quick share links’ on the platform for easy sharing on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. 

Join Alluma by clicking here

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