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Double or Nothing: New Game to Predict Crypto Prices and Win (or lose) Tokens

What do you think the Bitcoin price will be? $7000? Or Maybe $6900? Why don’t we bet on it without risking actual bitcoins? These are the questions that haunt me when I am thinking of trading on exchanges. But guess what, universe does provide answers. 

Double or nothing is a crypto trading game that lets you double your bet based on price prediction of cryptocurrency. Say Bitcoin price is $6950 right now. You think it will reach $7000. So you bet 10 DoN tokens on it. If BTC price reaches $7000 you get 20 DONC tokens back, if it reaches $6000 you lose your 10 DoN tokens. 

Double or nothing Game Interface

Go Long or Short at High or Low Risk

You can choose to bet on the price action of multiple coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Neo and Ripple. You can also bet to go long (price increases from here) or go short (price decreases from here) with different risk levels.

For Bitcoin, you can predict a swing of $20, this is a high risk game. You can also bet for a swing of $100, making this low risk. The current price is $6913 so a $20 long position, means you double your tokens when BTC price hits $6933 or lose all tokens at $6893.

Betting on DoN

The DoN tokens right now have no price, so this is a free-to-play game and you get 250 DoN tokens on registering with the telegram bot. At the time of this writing I have 1701 DoN tokens from the initial 250 I received for registering. I made a few good calls in the beginning. The good (or bad) part about this game is that the tokens have no value right now. I would be filthy rich though if the tokens had value. 

Trade history on Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing ICO Plans

According to the DoN website the white paper is due soon, “We are working hard on the release”, says Vikas Singhal the founder of the Bengaluru based Startup. The cyber security specialist is also holding the CTO title of the company. 

With an ICO on the roadmap, DoN game tokens may begin to see value eventually, but it is hard to tell until the white paper is published and token economics are released in public. 


I am always on a lookout for innovative products, also something that has to do with cryptocurrency. DoN is a bit different, while it deals with cryptocurrency, right now it acts as a fun game with nothing to lose. For someone who is addicted to crypto trading and want to take a break from it but can’t, I highly recommend betting on DoN, you will not risk your actual capital. Isn’t that great?

That being said, if you lose all your tokens you can’t get more free tokens except for referral bonus so hedge your bets properly.

Some more features 

While I would like you guys to try it for yourself, here are some features that I discovered during the process and can help get you a head start 

  • You can only place one trade in one minute. This is to give your brain a breather before you accidentally make bad calls. 
  • You can cancel a prediction, but if you are in loss (price is less than when you went long or price is more than when you went short), you may lose a small fraction of the tokens you bet. 
  • You can only bet a maximum of 500 tokens per prediction. 
  • Being in the top 5 of leaderboard can win you extra tokens based on weekly giveaways. 
  • You can receive upto 100 DoN tokens with the referral service

So, are you going to try out Double or Nothing? Let us know in the comments below

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading involves financial risk. Please do your own research before investing. Treat the game for entertainment and learning purpose only. 

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