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BTCMonk is now TradeMonk – Exciting features with INR Deposits & Withdrawals

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Coin Crunch is not responsible for any losses or damages occurring to you by investing based on the details in the post.

Update: It has been brought to our notice repeatedly that TradeMonk has not been withdrawing trader funds. We advise users to not engage with Trademonk or BTCmonk exchange without doing your due diligence. 

Exchanges are numerous now-a-days but Trademonk is special. Btcmonk is now rebranding into Trademonk. Trademonk is a cryptocurrency trading platform which offers various Limit trade, Market trade, Stop-loss trade, Margin trade, OTC trade & Escrow trade. Trademonk acquired Btcmonk with over more than 50,000+ userbase.

Exciting Features on Trademonk

Trademonk offers various interesting features for its users which will attract crowd on their platform easily. Some of the features are –

Limit & Market Trade:

In limit trade a user has full freedom to place his/her order as per own choice. Market Orders allow users to buy and sell coins instantly. The order will be executed with ‘’Highest Buy & Lowest Sell’’. Users can know the status of their orders through notifications.

Stop-Loss Trade:

Stop-loss is a type of order which helps users to prevent potential losses.The main idea behind stop-loss is to place a sell order at a lower price than when you bought it, to avoid unforeseen losses.

Margin Trade:

Margin trade includes borrowing money from a broker/exchange to be able to buy a larger amount of an asset than with just your own money.

Web, Android, & iOS platforms :

Trademonk’s web platform was launched in May 2018. Trademonk has now more than 10,000 android and over 20,000 iOS downloads.

TMNK Fiat support :

Trademonk supports major currencies like INR, THB & EUR. Users can now deposit these fiat to trade in TMNK markets.

Peer-to-Peer Trading :

Trademonk also supports peer to peer trading for faster execution of orders.

OTC Desk :

OTC trading refers to any exchange of cryptocurrencies that occurs off the exchange. It is designed for High volume trades.

Escrow :

Escrow is a famous way to control and protect financial assets. Trademonk has deployed Escrow trade mechanism for users for secure transactions.

Crypto Payment gateway :

Trademonk offers a decentralised payment platform that enables users to send and receive payments in multiple crypto currencies.


Trademonk has vision to bring revolution to payment industry like no other organization, and making your transactions safe and secure in crypto world.

Token Sale :

Trademonk will issue their own coin called TMNK Coin. Trademonk coin will have a strict supply of 2.8 million. TMNK will run on ethereum blockchain with ERC-20.

  • TMNK public sale started from August 6.
  • TMNK public sale ends September 30.
  • Minimum Transaction amount 0.1 BTC.
  • 1 TMNK = 0.00063878 BTC

TMNK Benefits :

Zero fees TMNK Market :

Trademonk offers zero fees for users who trade in TMNK pairs.Due to this users will get benefitted from buying and selling cryptocurrencies through TMNK.

Fiat Trade with TMNK coin 

Trademonk aims to go global and support TMNK market.As told earlier, TMNK market will support fiat deposits and withdrawls which will not be supported by other markets like INR, THB, & EUR.


Airdrops can be obtained as –

Airdrop Fixed Deposit Plan : Offer 12% monthly TMNK on amount invested in FD plan, for period of 3 months, 6 months & 9 months.

Airdrop Daily : Airdrops are also calculated daily and credited each month as 0.05% per day of TMNK holding in user account.

Airdrop on Referrals : Airdrop of 25% of trade fees is collected to the referring user in other markets.

Token Distribution:

The distribution of TMNK token is discusses below –

20% of the coins will be available for ICO.

40% will be available for Interest and Airdrops.

Trademonk will have 25% for company holding.

Trademonk will offer remaining 15% for direct sale.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and may contain forward looking statements about the advertised product. We requests our readers to do their own research before investing. Coin Crunch cannot be held liable for your losses.

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