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CoinDelta Launches a Week-Long Trading Competition, INR 35000 up for grabs

Starting today, for the next seven days, between 12 AM and 8 PM there will be one specific coin you can trade on coindelta and win prizes if you are the highest trader. 

Trading competitions have reduced in frequency but every now and then an exchange keeps us entertained with rewards for high volume traders. Coindelta has launched a new trading ‘carnival’ which is a week long competition and you can win daily cash prizes in INR. 

Along with it, Coindelta has also enabled INR deposits and withdrawals.

Trading Competition

Starting from September 04, the competition will begin at 12:00 AM and end at 7:59 PMevery day.

Day 1, Sep 04: ZIL-INR Market
Day 2, Sep 05: EOS-INR Market
Day 3, Sep 06: BTC-INR Market
Day 4, Sep 07: ZRX-INR Market
Day 5, Sep 08: ETH-INR Market
Day 6, Sep 09: TRX-INR Market
Day 7, Sep 10: XRP-INR Market

Coindelta Trading Carnival Schedule

Prizes and Distribution

Everyday top 5 highest volume traders will win the INR prizes according to the below distribution. Everyday a total of INR 5000 will be rewarded.

Coindelta Trading competition Prize Distribution

Eligibility Criteria 

You are only eligible to the win the prices for the particular market on the particular day. Trading Time is between 12:00 AM and 8 PM only. 

The Strategies People use to Win Trading competitions
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