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A New Cryptocurrency Exchange is set out to challenge the Incumbents

What comes to your mind when you read the following?

‘Best cryptocurrency exchange’

You’d think of Binance, Coinbase, or if you’re a trader in India, maybe even Koinex or Bitbns.

The issue you will notice though, is that all these lack critical functionalities and features that many traders expect. The XERA exchange aims to fill this gap by offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing.

What is XERA?

A cryptocurrency exchange made by traders, for traders. XERA is an exchange that aims to solve the frustrating issues traders face on other well-known exchanges.

XERA is developed, designed and tested by experienced traders in the banking and information technology sectors. They have identified key elements that are absolutely critical in a quality cryptocurrency exchange and built the product from scratch keeping this philosophy in mind.

How is XERA better than ALL other exchanges?

Many traders currently use third-party paid tools to fulfil cryptocurrency trading requirements. XERA plans to become a fully inclusive cryptocurrency trading exchange that resolves the key issues and challenges that traders are facing with current exchanges.

Exchange Comparison Chart. Source: XERA WhitePaper


10% share from profit generated from trading fee will be put in a reserve
liquidity pool to guarantee liquidity.

Highly Secure:

An experienced security team backed by rigorous audits and the latest
innovations in cybersecurity.


Implement trading strategies using direct coding methods which
automatically executes trades based on user implemented logic. Users will have access to all market data and technical indicators via the scripting language, so traders can quickly implement and auto-execute their favourite trading strategies.

Notification Mechanism:

Traders will receive instant SMS and/or email notifications for
their defined tasks, orders, and pre-defined indicators. You will not have to stick to your screen and wait for the order fulfilment. Once defined, you will receive notifications when your tasks/orders are complete. Also, your trade will be automatically triggered by the Auto-trading feature

Multiple orders (this one makes it a winner!):

XERA supports a plethora of order types including OCO (one cancels other), Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill, and Scaled.

Integrated on-site Tutorials:

The only exchange with tutorials that help you learn how to
trade in less than 30 minutes to understand, learn, implement and improve your trading capabilities with help of visuals, voice and AI.

Fiat Integration:

Fiat currency still reigns supreme for its liquidity and relatively stable
valuation. As of now, XERA is officially preparing the legal agreements for offering fiat as a payment method.

XERA’s Objectives

  • To deliver an integrated cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Be the most feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange
  • Build a stellar team with credible partners

The Way Forward

XERA is currently establishing partnerships with professionals from various industries to collaborate on this project. They are planning an ICO which will fund the development of XERA. The aim is for partners to be compensated in proceeds from the ICO or in XERA tokens. This will enable the XERA team to work with its partners towards a common goal, with all parties enjoying the benefits of XERA’s growth as the platform expands.

The token sale event is scheduled to begin on October 25 and will go until December 23 in three phases. Of course, the token sale events tend to finish quite early for good projects and tokens sell.

To know more about XERA, or if you have any questions, you can join 9000+ members in their telegram community or follow them for updates on other channels listed below. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and may contain forward looking statements for the project. Investment in Cryptocurrency or related projects are of volatile nature, Coin Crunch India advises readers to do their own research before investing. 

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