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Book Review: Blockchain Unwrapped for Non Techies, 50 pages to learn about the next revolution!

How would you feel if I could explain to you how blockchain works with an example of an Indian Gram Panchayat? What if we say that blockchain is the son of mother Cryptography and father Distributed Computer? This is exactly how a book is trying to explain Blockchain.

“Blockchain, Unwrapped for non techies” is a tiny under 50 page book that explains blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts using a simple, yet interesting approach. In the fast paced world we live in, our appetite for consumption of information is growing and hence the attention span is shrinking. Humans can only pay attention for about 8 seconds, down from 12 in 2000.

It means, you cannot even read this article with undivided attention. Hence a book of only 50 pages, that can be read under an hour is a good way to start learning about blockchain, especially if you do not understand much of Information Technology. 

Written by Ankitt Gaur (yup his name has two Ts) and Li Zhiwen, the book is a great attempt to simplify a topic that is the current Buzzword across industries. Gaur has a masters in consultancy management and Zhiwen, a Chinese national have been working on Blockchain for four years.

Each of the 10 chapters are written in a way to ease the concepts of cryptography, blockchain, tokenisation, smart contract and also the career opportunities around the space. 

This isn’t the work of Hemingway, so if you’re a voracious reader, you’ll find problems with the written word in the book. But that is okay. It is meant to be an easy explainer of a technology, not take you on an imaginary journey in the Spanish islands. 

If you’re new to the world of Bitcoin and are overwhelmed by the flow of information in the space, you can begin here. 

This is however, not where your journey should end. The book is by no means the most comprehensive learning tool for blockchain. It is a good start nonetheless and should inspire you to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies once you finish reading it. 

The paperback version is sold at INR 199 and the Kindle edition at INR 60. You can buy it on Amazon here – 

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