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Tarot Reading of Bitcoin say, Price to Plummet further Before Rising

Bitcoin in the recent past has seen many dips and the bearish market has left all hoping for better times ahead. Taking a cue from our latest poll about “Do You want us to ask Tarot Readers to predict Bitcoin Price Movements?” where 65% of the 425 voters said yes, we decided to consult a tarot reader to get a glimpse of the future of bitcoin. What we found was both exhilarating and overwhelming.

But before we jump to the exact reading, here a little introduction to tarot. 

What is Tarot

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that each tell a story through symbolism. Originally used as playing cards, they are known to be the storybook of our lives and also the mirror to our soul. Through these cards, we can tap into our inner wisdom and learn the karmic lessons that are being revealed to us at the time of the reading.

The tarot is a perfect tool to be used for making choices, manifesting goals and getting a sneak peek into what can be expected in the future with our present set of choices.

What Tarot is NOT

While many believe that these cards can tell the future, making predictions set in stone is not exactly what they do. When reading the cards, it’s the intuition and vibrations that come into the picture. That is why you are asked to pick a card that you feel is calling out to you. They are mere tools that help you make the right choices and obtain positive results. 

Unlike astrology or palmistry, tarot cards do not believe that our future is pre-written. In fact, it believes that your life’s journey depends purely on the choices and decisions you make.

Our Tarot Guide

We consulted a friend of a friend of a friend Anaya (name changed) who practices Tarot reading. We asked Anaya to do a Tarot reading for Bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency. She agreed. But it wasn’t that simple.

To get a proper guidance you need to form your questions right. We spent more than a week brainstorming the right questions and finally settled on these three.

  • Career – Growth prospects for Bitcoin in the near future
  • Health – Value Fluctuations (rise and fall) in the coming time
  • Relationship – Will people opt for Bitcoin and how will it be in the coming future?

We believe the three questions include the pressing matters for the future of Bitcoin – adoption, volatility and improvement.

What Tarot Says About Bitcoin

The three cards for Bitcoin pulled out are:

  • Career – The Major Arcana Card of Death
  • Health – King of Pentacles
  • Relationship – Page of Cups

Time to learn everything in detail

Career – The Major Arcana Card of Death

Career Card: The Major Arcana of Death

We asked what are growth prospects for Bitcoin in the near future.

Answer: The current downward trend is inevitable and cannot be prevented, just like death which brings about the final demise of all beings. However, after death comes new life, similarly this downward trend will soon give way to a boost in value.

The primary goal of death is to make way for new life, and this drop in value will lead to a tremendous increase in the time to come. So, sit tight and do not panic when you see the market going down.

Health – King of Pentacles

Health Card: The King of Pentacles

We asked how will the Price Fluctuations (rise and fall) be in the coming time

Answer: No doubt the time to come will be filled with change and may even get chaotic, but this will lead to ultimate fulfilment of desires. This card represents high ambition and worldly satisfaction so while you contemplate your investment remember what you ultimately aim to achieve from this. Soon, your ambition will be fulfilled and worldly success shall be yours.

Can Bitcoin become World currency?

Relationship: Page of Cups

Relationship Card: The Page of Cups

We asked Will people opt for Bitcoin and how will it be in the coming future?

Answer: The curious nature of yours which has brought you here is your biggest strength, so dwell upon that to gain more out of life. The Page seen in the card seems happy and the fish coming out of the cup signifies that creativity cannot be something that you plan, it comes unexpectedly. So as the curiosity increases amongst masses, the market demand for Bitcoins will increase, opening the gates to increased options and possibilities.

So there you have it folks, we did the world’s first ever Tarot Reading for Bitcoin. 

If you wish to get your own personal guidance from the Tarot expert, you can send an email or reach out on Instagram @Purple_Tarot.

Disclaimer: Tarot is not an exact science! No readings should be taken as an investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment and we urge our readers to do their own research before investing. Coin Crunch India will not be liable for any damages arising from taking the Tarot Reading advise on this page. The article is meant to be for light reading and entertainment. 

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