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Infographic: Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency

Women are no less than men. But, in the tech industry we are witnessing incidents of sexism, bullying and discrimination overall discouraging more women to reach up the corporate ladder. One doesn’t have to look back years to find cases of misconduct at a work place. While the behaviour is not industry specific, and women in all work areas are facing issues, for this post we want to stick to blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Only a handful of women are actively working or are in someway part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. When we started the “Women in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” posts on Coin Crunch India, we invited many women to share their story on our platform. Some did. Some denied. Soon, we started receiving calls from other businesses that published information on the same subject. 

Every representation, every bit of information is important. We are happy to host the infographic of “Top 8 Women in Blockchain” shared with us by MrBTC, a Bitcoin casino review site.

crypto women
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Disclaimer: The infographic has been sourced from Coin Crunch India cannot be held liable for the content or any loss of damages occurring from relying on the information in the post.

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